Full Version: How to Claim your Won/License?
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Hi all

This is a tutorial on how to claim your won/license if you are one of our lucky winners

First, if you are interested in the software giveaway and need a license then please visit again to see if you won or not

Second, If you are one of the winners; you must claim your license (Through PM). You have to do this in a specific time frame which will be specified in the first post (for example 48 hours, 3 days , 5 days..)

Third: If you didn't respond within this time frame and NO PM is sent to the giveaway organizer, your won will be void and go to another user

Fouth: If you claim your license, No need to send again and again PM asking "where is my license".... 

To claim your license; you must send "Private Message" to the giveaway organizer. Simply click PM Button (present below the post) or open the member profile and use send private message

[Image: Jes9qY2l.png]

In the message form that will open; fill the required details then send

[Image: sgGi2UKl.png]

Good Luck for all!
Thanks for posting this Tarek as many members pm me a request for their win and I have no idea what licenses they are claiming.
I appreciate this I want to claim this
Please New Members Must Check This Topic
Many many thanks .. bookmark this thread.