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OneVPN Review - deathsmear - 04-21-2017

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What is virtual private network (VPN)?

A virtual private network (VPN) is a technology that creates a safe and encrypted connection over a less secure network, such as the internet

Why You Should Be Using a VPN ?
to enjoy risk free internet protecting your privacy from Internet Service Provider, Government Agencies, Hackers and Data Snoopers.also to bypass area restriction in some giveaways & websites ( youtube , facebook ,netflix ,spotify ...) i.e No one will know my data,my real ip,my real location.

is it free or paid service ?
free : limited servers numbers , limited locations ,limited server switch ,limited bandwidth ,much slower ,less effective.
paid :unlimited everything , much faster , more effective.

ok i will buy  what next ?

it is time to choose , now i will review one of them & decision always yours.

OneVPN is a product of Unravel Technologies, a Hong Kong based IT Security Consulting Firm


1-Data Protection : using 256 bit AES strong encryption.

2-Privacy : provides you anonymity via dynamic IP addresses.

                Zero Logging :do not monitor or keep any logs of users.

3-servers : 60+ Servers in 21 Countries (USA,UK,Czech                                                                   Republic,Norway,France,Spain ,Germany,Netherland,Turkey,Sweden,Italy,Switzerland,Romania,Brazil,Mexico,Honkong,Singapore,China,Malaysia,Canada&Australia).

            100% physical VPN servers, running on OpenSource to offer fastest VPN Service
            Unlimited Server Switches
            Unlimited Bandwidth

4-VPN Protocol: OneVPN supports PPTP, L2TP, OpenVPN and OpenConnect protocols.also support Download Torrent Privately.

5-Ad-Blocking : OneVPN comes with a built-in Ad-Blocker preventing unwanted annoying advertisements.

6-NAT Firewall : NAT Firewall creates an additional layer of protection around your internet connection after you have connected OneVPN.

7-Malware Protection : OneVPN Anti-Malware acts like an anti-infection service, creating a shield to keep your device secured at all times.

8-Cross Devices Support :Windows,Mac,ios and android.

9- 24/7 Live Support.
Q & A after Testing
is it simple in use ?
Yes , normal installation ,choose server and go.

is it effective in hiding my IP ?
[Image: RKLcajU.jpg]

is there an internet speed affection using OneVPN ?
[Image: 2enbnaH.jpg]

is it really block ads ?
[Image: vVE2yey.jpg]

can i control or modify the built-in Ad-Blocker and NAT Firewall ?
No , Answer from support

[Image: CYIESV4.jpg]

is there a free trial ?
NO but 7-Days Money-Back Guarantee only if used less than 3GB of bandwidth And no later than 7th day.

how much to pay ?
current prices :3 plans offered
1 month 7.95$ instead of 9.95&
6 months 29.95$ instead of 59.7$
1 year 48$ instead of 119.4$

ooh ,How many devices can be used with my account ?

3 devices.

Official Links
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1-Data Protection with Zero Logging.
2-Anonymity via dynamic IP addresses
3-Ad-Blocking, NAT Firewall & Anti-Malware [ Unique ]
4-Fast VPN.
5-24/7 Live Support [ Excellent ].

1-servers only 60+.
2-inability to control or modify the built-in Ad-Blocker and NAT Firewall.
3-the client is so simple , there is no options other than protocol and server selection.
4-one account for 3 devices only.

OneVPN is one of the best vpn for standard user which protect your privacy besides its ad-blocking feature makes it unique .

RE: OneVPN Review - baziroll - 04-21-2017

nice and good review thanks. Heart

RE: OneVPN Review - Mohammad - 04-21-2017

Quick review is good.  Smile

RE: OneVPN Review - Cool - 04-21-2017

Thanks for the review much appreciated.

RE: OneVPN Review - deathsmear - 04-21-2017

Thank you my Friends for Support in my First Review
Heart Heart Heart Heart

RE: OneVPN Review - Mike - 04-21-2017

Thanks for the review. Hope to see you do more.

RE: OneVPN Review - deathsmear - 04-21-2017

(04-21-2017 , 09:14 PM)Mike Wrote: You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login to view.Thanks for the review. Hope to see you do more.
At Your Service any time. Heart
i can't resist VPN Review Big Grin