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[Bitsum] CPUBalance Pro [10 Entire Home Lifetime licenses ]
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CPUBalance Pro – Restrain CPU Hogs to Improve PC Responsiveness

CPUBalance is near-Freeware (Freemium) that contains ProBalance, Bitsum’s proven and real-world demonstrable technology to retain system

responsiveness during high loads, or even save you from a hard reset during a worst-case scenario.

This application is a SUBSET of the technology found in Process Lasso. It is designed to work with or without Process Lasso present

If you already have Process Lasso v8, you do not NEED this application. However, it can complement Process Lasso by running along-side it, where it

integrates perfectly

 You can install both Process Lasso and CPUBalance on the same system with no problems. Both apps will work together. They both use the

same core engine, ‘processgovernor.exe’. So if you already have Process Lasso, this just extends the user interface and system tray icon, perhaps a newer

core engine, and additional ProBalance tweaking

So, let's ask what are the benefits you will get from using this app?
  • Newer tech than is in Lasso v8, (Lasso v9 will eventually have that tech).

  • A different system tray icon for specific ProBalance interactions.

  • A new Frequency of Action (Restraint) metric, which is pretty cool.

  • Note that these features are all planned for Process Lasso v9 – so no removal or reduction of features here!



Current version:  v1.0.0.20

Release date: Jan 15, 2017


32 bit version:  https://bitsum.com/files/cpubalancesetup32.exe

64 bit version:  https://bitsum.com/files/cpubalancesetup64.exe

ProBalance settings:

[Image: 8GZb8WO.png]

Bitsum’s ProBalance Optimization Algorithm:

ProBalance ‘fixes’ system responsiveness if it is a background process out of control, or as soon as you click away from the foreground process. You have to

click away only because of the default ‘foreground exclusion’ to prevent ProBalance from acting on something important to you.

ProBalance is extraordinarily useful to the following users:
  • Multimedia editors. Sony Vegas and other software can bring your PC to a crawl when saving.

  • Those who do a lot of multi-tasking and have a lot running in the background.

  • Gamers, VOiP, and other real-time users who want to avoid micro-lags.

  • Those who have high sustained CPU loads, and want to actually use their computer in the meantime.

Full details about the ProBalance algorithm can be found here:




Free versus Pro:

At present, nothing except your name. That’s right, it is 100% free right now. That may change going forward with certain feature restrictions or such.

[Image: Ac3fwgV.png]

What is New?

v1.0.0.20 – Fix language detection issue in last build
v1.0.0.18 – Fix critical future update issue due to identical event names accidentally used (copy and paste accident corrected before it became too much of an issue)
v1.0.0.18 – Add new language auto-detect in-product
v1.0.0.18 – Update languages
v1.0.0.14 – Fix rare issue with co-install of Lasso could cause two instances of CPUBalance governor in some sessions to be running.

For the whole revision history, please visit here:


I would like to thank Jeremy and Bitsum Team for sponsoring this giveaway exclusive for our forum members


Number of licenses:  10

Validity of license:  Lifetime

Value of license:  44.95$

Entire Home licenses

Giveaway Duration:  20 days

Winners selection: Random .org


If you want to have a chance to win a license for this app, please follow these simple rules:

1. Share the giveaway on Social media (Facebook, Twitter..) and other forum

2. Reply with your share link and 2 favorite features

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4. PM me within 3 days from winner announcement with your name and email address
thank you very much for giveaway. Heart
ProBalance Affinity Changes
A new Frequency of Action (Restraint) metric
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Thanks for giveaway

2 favorite features
ProBalance Affinity Changes
ProBalance Insights
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Bitsum products, they enter the category: "Process management, power control and low-level hardware manipulation" in a unique way.
They standout astonishing with his products. Bitsum is dedicated for those people who looking to control their pc at the maximum level to get the juice and productivity.


I already try for free version
i do love this feature :
1. ProBalance Affinity Changes (PRO)
2. ProBalance Insight (FREE)

i hope can win this season.
count me in  Big Grin

Thank you for the giveaway Smile 
Forum share: http://scforum.info/index.php?topic=12935.new#new
Tweet: https://twitter.com/Danielx64/status/834315627812708353

My favorite features are

ProBalance Affinity Changes and ProBalance Insight
thanks for giveaway


i like

1-ProBalance Affinity Changes

which safe from micro-lags or freezes that can occur with high CPU use.

2-ProBalance Insights

Gamers, VOiP, and other real-time users who want to avoid micro-lags.

Those who have high sustained CPU loads, and want to actually use their computer in the meantime.
Very Thanks for The Giveaway Smile

Favorite features:
ProBalance Affinity Changes
ProBalance Insights

Thanks for the giveaway

2 features:

1.ProBalance Affinity Changes
2.ProBalance Insight

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