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Henrietta just sent you $3,182.00 USD with Paypal (Scam)
Henrietta just sent you $3,182.00 USD with Paypal. Paypal recommends to withdraw it now.
Henrietta <>

Today, 3:23 PM
This message was identified as spam. We'll delete it after 10 days. It's not spam
Henrietta just sent you $3,182.00 USD with Paypal. 

Click here to continue 

Best of luck! 
Henrietta : i just checked my outlook account today & i received this email claiming to sent me $3,182.00 USD with Paypal i have never have used paypal this is a scam i would never trust stuff like this from my email would never click url links in email from stuff like this could give you ranesomeware or get scammed or hacked so i just delete stuff like this i never reply to it never
Who's Henrietta?
some spammers or scammers who nows all i now is i was not going to reply to this email not safe

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