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So i did test all free AV and was Surprised( from malwaretips)
You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login to view.    So i did test all free AV and was Surprised.
Discussion in 'Security Discussions' started by Slerion, Today at 1:09 PM.
Tags: detection malware pack test
Are you surprised by the results conducted in my test?
1 vote(s) 16.7%
No 0 vote(s) 0.0%
Not on all programs
5 vote(s) 83.3%
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So after i allways trusted on other opinions and stuff i finally made my own Malware test.

Settings are stated after the programm name if not its standard settings

i made it mixed because i wanted to see Long term and short term defense

Virus/malware/ransomware/adware/more 862 Files 657mb
50% Completely Fresh (less than 1 day old) 50% from weeks and months old mixed

Found Programm Settings / notes
777 Comodo Cloud AV ( the new cloud AV of them Didnt want to Upload any data for analysis. didnt sandbox anything.
767 Comodo AV ( standard AV ) Bad Popups after scanning and stuff
746 Avast FREE PUA Enabled ( like all others ) Didnt want to Upload any data for analysis.
721 Malwarebytes ( the Heur scan part of the standard scan found 200 detections of the 721)
704 Zemana AntiMalwareFREE Fast and steady scan Didnt want to Upload any data for analysis.
664 Bitdefender FREE Didnt want to Upload any data for analysis.
617 Qihoo 360 TS all Engines Didnt want to Upload any data for analysis.
456 Panda AV FREE HEAVY use of Network traffic while scanning , Very slow scanning.
444 Qihoo 360 TS Didnt want to Upload any data for analysis.
221 Iobit Malwarefighter5Free Very fast scan.
131 Glarysoft malware Hunter Fast scan . Looks and feels like Qihoo 360
81 Windows Defender Windows 10 Creators Update Did want to Upload data for analysis.
N.A AVG Only AV that made my VM crawl at snail speed. it was a torture. scan didnt exceed 3% , Settings menu Looked alot like avast.
N.A Avira I didnt test it For multiple reasons ( stuff it wants to install. not compatible with SD )

i was a hell lot Surprised by comodo ( the test itself happened 2 days ago ) so i can send you the malware pack with PW i used ( made myself ) but... with the time gone there could be differences to my test
Qihoo is pretty bad as it looks like without all 3 engines ... and windows defender was ... ye laughable

i Would recommend Avast good and great full package for free.

This test was run in a VM after each test it was Reset
*didnt want to Upload means it didnt ask me for supsicious files to upload or did automatically. only WD wanted it and panda of course.
The vm had 3 cores allocated and 6 gb of ram 50gb of HDD space

i hope its in the right category if not pls tell me where
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