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Top 10 Best Password Managers 2017
Quote:A lot of people use the same or similar password across various apps, platforms and services. This is because they do not want to forget their password and lose access to their account. If truth be told, that’s not a very healthy practice. If someone gets hold of your password for one account, they could gain unauthorized to all your accounts. For instance, if you have the same passwords for Facebook and Online Banking, the chances of security compromise are more serious than you can imagine.

Managing different passwords is not easy, especially if you have various accounts to log in to. Thankfully, there are password managers that can make your life easier and make sure your security is never compromised. In this article, we list the top 10 best free password manager you can use this year. From strong encryption technology to automatic form filling, these tools offer you everything. Take a look!

Sticky Password
KeePass Series
True Key

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