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Promo2day First Anniversary Celebration!
Wow one year already
Thanks given by: Geo , Mike
Time goes so fast! It is one year since Promo2day was founded. I am so honored that I can grow with it together.

I even can remember there were only few members at the beginning but we have more than 1800 members now! Of course, we can reach 2000 members soon Cool

I wish Promo2day can be more and more popular and famous around the world in the future Smile

And I will still support all of our Admins and SuperMODs without any doubt Heart

I just want to say I love Promo2day forever and happy first anniversary Exclamation
Thanks given by: pisulika , Mike , Ari
Congratulations for Promo2day First Anniversary!
Thanks given by: Mike
Keep it up!  Thumb
Thanks given by: Mike
Wow. I didn't even realize that it has been a full year already.

Congratulations Mike on this successful forum Smile
Thanks given by: Mike

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