Full Version: What is your favorite browser?
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Many internet browsers are available for our daily use and activity

For example: IE, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Microsoft Edge,  Maxthon, Safari

Which one you prefer and why?

Share with us your experience, Pros and Cons in each one

What you like and dislike in each one
Use Firefox v45 only. Has all the plugins I need and is very fast.

Have IE v11 on sys but very rarely use it. It's to clunky.

Use FF for 98% downloads. Download Express for huge downloads.
Have IDM but never use it.
using Vivaldi and slimjet for normal daily surfing but some sites renders differently on firefox and chromium so Mozilla Firefox developer edition as my backup browser Tongue
Firefox 45
have to many addon that suits my need
recent firefox are too slow
but tested Nightly build which are faster than firefox 45 too so wait for it
also like old opera 11,12
for me google chrome 64 bits very light stable good protection for phishing sites and malware in the cons not all pages are stable
I use Chrome now, but the longest time I used Firefox for nearly ten years.
Firefox for addons !
I like Opera 40
Pros: integrated adblocker, free VPN, Sidebar extensions, quickly and easily
Cons: uses too much memory, several add-ons (opera_autoupdatе, opera_crashreporter, wow_helper) that better to disable
Preferred IE
Second Google Chrome