Full Version: [Official Giveaway] Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Premium 3.0 Lifetime licenses
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Thank you man
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Really really thank you so much dear SuperMOD Mohammad for this awesome unique Promo2day Official Giveaway!
Also thanks a lot to Malwarebytes Team for sponsoring these rare licenses for P2D members!

In my opinion, KIS with Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Premium are the best combination for PC users. Both two are enough for us.
They can work together well and have a perfect performance at making your PC safe.

Frankly, I try several times for sharing the info on my Google+ page but it seems like the link is bad and I really don't know why.

Good luck to all!
Malwarebytes is still remains a force to recon with when come to animalware. I use freeware for years now and okay. Now AntiExploit is with new version 3 so it's great!

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Thank you. Awesome giveaway!!
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Thank you very much. Malwarebytes I've been using for a long time.
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Great PC protection with anti-exploit to shield programs from vulnerable attacks
1)It is my only attempt Big Grin
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5)I do want to take part in this giveaway
6)Don't worry Wink

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware (MBAM) is #1 for me.. Smile
no security solution could replace it on my pc, i am a big fan.

It is light, fast, and makes one feel secure. Big Grin

Thanks for the giveaway. <3

Thanks for the amazing giveaway.

Wonderful software!

Malwarebytes scanning mode includes scanning of Memory Objects, Start-up objects, Registry Objects, File System Objects, Heuristic Analysis. 

The best anti-malware protection you can get. 

You cannot ask for more. 
best anti-malware in my opinion Big Grin

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