Full Version: How can you create a video? which method do you prefer?
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If you are going to create a new video to be published online

For example; software tutorial, explain some program features, advertise promo2day forum

There are two ways I know:

Slideshow which is created as a video for example ashampoo slideshow, wondershare DVD Slideshow BUilder Deluxe

Screen recording application for example camtasia

I need to know your experience:

Is there better ideas to create the video in an easy way?

Which method do you prefer?

Please I need all members to interact and reply here
I don't have that much experience in making videos, but I prefer screen recording. This is because I feel it is more efficient, as you do not need to do as much work as making a slideshow. Also, the screen recording is easier to follow (because of visuals) and can be edited after.

As for easier ways, you could combine videos together, or use online services that provide animated objects (only applicable sometimes) or other services.
I recommend AVS Video Editor.
me too I don't have that much experience in making videos.
but here some good soft

Bandi cam,ZD Soft Screen Recorder,CamStudio
no audio just video
at the end you can convert to gif for lowering size

Thanks for all the advise given, any more replies/experience?

Did anyone tried to create videos?
Never done a video myself so looking forward to the answers you get.
Camtasia Studio.
i have created couple of videos using Apowersoft Screen recorder, though it doesn't have many features but little low on resources. Also, I have tried Ashampoo Snap 9 video recording and snagit screen recording software. I like ashampoo with some nice mouse animation support. Big Grin
Bandicam is also a good option but don't have licence so never tried to use it.
As a freeware, Open Broadcaster Software is one of the best available.
I have used Fraps in the past for recording gaming videos when I used to play counter-strike 1.6 a lot.

Been using Camtasia since I started making videos. And I can confidently say now, that I am well versed in Camtasia. It is all you need if you know how to use it.
Hi  Smile

i usually follow steps:

1-screen video recorder [Movavi].

2-split what i need [Boilsoft Video Splitter].

3-add subtitles [Bigasoft video converter ].
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