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I recently received the update of windows 10
KB4056892 (compilation 16299.192).
in theory solves the latest security problems
of intel, amd, android, google
and others.
it seems that the impact on performance will be notorious
they say that only at the business level, but ..........
these are my data:

benchmark test with samsung magician

before updating:
Sequential (MB / s)
read 521 write 502

Random (IOPS)
read 90100 write 82500

after updating
Sequential (MB / s)
read 409 write 399

Random (IOPS)
read 84746 write 73451

in sequential I'm losing 20%

What are your thoughts?
Should I ask intel for an indemnity?
by the way
I also own a diesel Volkswagen. Bang Head Bang Head Bang Head
I really think this is very serious
I have an Intel i5 and ssd
I do not edit video or heavy work
the impact for me is minimal.

but what will happen to the people
that has Celeron processor
or pentium, or low-range Amd?
it will really lower productivity.
their computers will become obsolete

who pays for this?
You have no opinion on this subject?
you have not lost productivity on your pc?
what do you think?
All my computer for business/work/production/office setup. I didn't notice any slow downs. Maybe because of my setup or I have been familiar with the slowness Lmao 

As you can see, some news didn't concentrate with this issue. Maybe because they have a powerful PC to cope with this slowness. I they this safety first before performance that they didn't notice at all.

Just my 2 cents.
euf, i also experienced some system slow downs during the time although i`m on Windows 7, so i think Windows indeed does a lot of unclear things to our PCs that i`d better not be aknowledged of as i had pratically no option to react than to change the OS or not update the system.

I don`t trust them much that`s for sure and i`m fully aware about the fact that they do a lot of unforseen things to our PCs.
correct, there are not many options
linux: for computer engineers
apple: for the rich (at least here in europe)
Bringing this forum game here ;P

Rules are:
Self explanatory. Last post Wins