Full Version: How much Internet you Use?
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Definition of Internet

An electronic communications network that connects computer networks and organizational computer facilities around the world

What is your Internet Usage? In a month

[Image: a-internet.png]
Hello Guys, Recently I contact my ISP and they asking me to upgrade my Internet plan. Reason behind the plan upgrade is I use 40GB more in slow speed  Lmao
 MY ISP fear from any regulary send the latest offers Big Grin  You have any memory with your ISP (Optional if you want to share) but please answer above question.

My Internet Usage is 140-150GB maybe more because I check this few months ago
Below are my details from September 2017 - January 2018

January 2018 Data Usage*

58 GB* as of Saturday, 01/27/18 08:01 am

Month view for September 2017 - January 2018
You may research usage activity for any of your cable modems; view usage by month, day and hour or select your own date range.

Please note: Usage is currently displayed as a calendar month. To view your usage for a specific billing period, please enter the Service Period dates provided on your bill statement. Usage is rounded down to the nearest gigabyte.

The total usage for this timeframe is 532 GB - Click on month to see daily usage

[Image: PGiOYRa.png]
I use at least over 750GB per month.
Hello , i use 50 GB per month.
Perhaps, is change if download (rage) mode or idle mode.
on idle   : 10 - 30gb per month
on rage  : 400gb+ per month
64 Gb in last 30 days usage in the home pc. Mostly for youtube gaming videos downloaded by my wife. We got 2 connections though. One for gaming.
cca 200 - 300GB.. mostly depends on how much work by remote.
Our monthly internet usage is approx 400-600GB, entertainment videos consume more than half the plan.
+ 50 Gb !
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