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is a Powerful and superfast VPN with unique Channel Bonding Technology. Exactly it is the kiss of life to slow internet connections

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I'd Like to Thank Speedify Support Team for Sponsoring 2x 1 Year Licenses  to our Members. 

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7- Winners must PM me within 48 Hours from Winner Announcement.

Good Luck
Thanks deathsmear for this great giveaway.

Features i liked in Speedify are:

1-Channel Bonding: Combine all available Internet connections into a fast and secure super connection
2-Redundant Mode: Set Speedify to ‘Redundant Mode’ and enjoy secure and reliable Internet connectivity even when using multiple spotty Internet connections with bandwidth demanding apps like streaming or live video calls. Speedify fixes packet loss issues and gets you the most consistent, reliable and private Internet access.
Thanks for the giveaway.

The features that I liked about Speedify:
- Automatic and seamless failover between connections.
- Simultaneous use of multiple Internet connections for their combined speed.
- Latest encryption technology to encrypt all traffic.

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thank you very much for giveaway. Heart Heart Heart
1000+ Servers in 28+ Countries over 40 Locations
Unlimited Server Switches and Unlimited Bandwidth

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Features you liked in Speedify
Dynamic IP addresses
DNS Leak Protection
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My favorite features-
1.  Automatic Failover
2. Channel Bonding

Thanks!!! Smile
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Features that I like about Speedify:
Channel Bonding
Redundant Mode
Automatic Failover
Packer Loss & Error Correction
Currently, no other programs that beat or equal to Speedify and other Connectify products.

Thanks for the giveaway!

Thank You so Much my Friend! DeathSmear for showing us your humility,  promo2day has always been a very pleasant place, with cool people prowling the topics and chats, their honorable admins, promoters, mods & very kind users posting. promo2day always fulfilling its promises.

About of Features from this VPN  liked by me

killswitch to cut the leak of the broken drip while browsing.
Internet speed boosting
Dynamic IP addresses
Lifetime free account 

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Thank you deathsmear & Speedify for the giveaway.

Speedify is a fantastic vpn service that gives great speed assurance. Its is another product of reputed developers of Connectify hotspot & this vpn is one of the best upcoming vpn service in market today with features like speed boosting, a free limited lifetime version, dynamic IP address, automatic failover &  channel bonding modes. With speedify & using connectify hotspot, multiple wifi signals can be paired together for faster speed & secured connection.

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