Full Version: The 3 VPNs that are still working in China
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China has succeeded in blocking almost all VPNs, but we found 3 that are still working in March 2019! These services are guaranteed to successfully bypass the Great Firewall of China. And they are all offering a money back guarantee or free trial to prove it.

These 3 VPNs have been tested in China to ensure speed and reliability. Use these 3 VPNs to access any website or internet service without restrictions, including your favorite streaming sites like Netflix and Hulu;

#1 - ExpressVPN
#2 - NordVPN
#3 - VyprVPN

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I can back this up, a weeks ago I want to Hangzhou and was using nordvpn business, worked just fine! Not 100% sure about the other but have also heard good things