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https://blogs.opera.com/desktop/2019/08/...le-update/       Opera 63.0.3368.53 Stable update
 Kornelia Mielczarczyk Aug 27, 2019        Hi, 

Here’s a fresh Opera 63 update. We’ve fixed the magnifying glass icon in the search box, so it now matches the boundaries in settings and extensions. 

More fun and useful Snapshot improvements
We’ve added a few new tools to make your snapshots even more delightful and handy. 

Now you can:

Add text to your snap using different colors and fonts 
Highlight an area
Save the page as a pdf – this option is now available through a top button (it is still available from the Menu as well)
Copy and close – not only with the shortcut (Ctr+S) but also with a button        (  100% Scanned Malware Free  & Clean With Panda Dome Free 18.07.04  &  Malwarebtyes Premium  )  Digital Signature (  Opera Software AS )
Opera 63.0 Build 3368.66 – Update for ALL OS

63.0.3368.66 – 2019-09-02 blog post
  • CHR-7525 Update chromium on desktop-stable-76-3368 to 76.0.3809.132
  • DNA-74031 Download indicator doesn’t match progress
  • DNA-77042 Something went wrong message in crypto wallet in private window
  • DNA-79137 Crash at opera::installer::OptionsScreen::OnLanguageChanged()
  • DNA-79683 Installer crashes when showing progress
  • DNA-79757 Line divider under address bar disappears after opening and closing Bookmarks Bar
  • DNA-80012 Zoom popup appears each time clicking ‘heart’ icon
  • DNA-80110 Bug when changing the install path in installer
  • DNA-80417 [assistant] Crash at opera::avro::event_driven::StatSenderImpl::NetworkThread::SetTrafficAllowed(bool)
  • DNA-80422 Continue shopping section is too close to Speed Dial tiles when tiles are big
  • DNA-80463 Add shadow to shopping tiles

Homepage – https://www.opera.com
Size: 52.8 MB
DOWNLOAD Opera 63.0 Build 3368.66 for Windows x86
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DOWNLOAD Opera 63.0 Build 3368.66 for Linux x64 [deb]
DOWNLOAD Opera 63.0 Build 3368.66 for Linux x64 [rpm]
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Opera 63.0 Build 3368.88 – Update for ALL OS

63.0.3368.88 – 2019-09-12 blog post
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