Full Version: [eduonix] Cryptographic Algorithms in Java
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About this Course
Information security and user privacy is one of the pressing concerns in today’s world. Internet has been successful in replacing multiple industries and making communication cheaper and more accessible to everyone around the globe. With all this comes various concerns of data theft, privacy and secrecy. For this purpose, we designed this course so that you can learn the concepts of cryptography and provide the complete security to the users by using this platform.

Why this course is important?
Before understanding the importance of this course, first you should understand the importance of cryptography. Generally, it is a science or practice which converts the plain text of a user into a cipher text for secure communication between 1st party and 2nd party avoiding its interception by any 3rd party or adversaries. Cryptography prevents the data theft or its alteration by giving the user authentication.
This course helps you with all the details about cryptographic algorithms in Java making you capable enough that you can easily provide privacy and security to the communication made between two individuals. It will help you encrypt any communications which is only readable by the desired person.