Full Version: Can a VPN Increase Your Browsing Speed?
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Quote: Remember back in March when internet speeds took a nosedive because so many people started working or studying from home? That’s since been solved, for the most part, thanks to a combined global effort. 
YouTube and Netflix possibly prevented further speed degradation by reducing streaming quality as well. Still, we bet many of you thought of how you could increase your browsing speed.

Now, a VPN can’t exactly do that. In fact, you may experience a slight slowdown — since a VPN needs to encrypt your traffic, as well as route your data through a second location (the VPN server) before reaching its destination. Both of those operations take time and processing power, so a slowdown is expected — and a small price to pay for your data security.

However, there are certain cases where using a VPN improves your connection quality. Or more accurately, that a VPN prevents internet speed loss. Here’s how.