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Welcome to Promo2Day 5 Years Anniversary celebrations giveaways! Hooray

So I have a copy of Supraland on steam to give away. It is a very fun Metroidvania with puzzles you can sink lots of hours in.

Steam page: https://store.steampowered.com/app/813630/Supraland/


1. Reply in this topic about Promo2day 5th Anniversary, your reaction, message, feedback & wishing etc.

[OPTIONAL]  Share this link on social media & other forums: https://www.promo2day.com/showthread.php?tid=35427

[OPTIONAL]  Follow us on social media facebook twitter and telegram and have all news and updates

Good luck to all & welcome to Promo2day 5 Years anniversary celebrations! All the anniversary game giveaways run till 25th August .

[Image: CubeGif.gif?t=1592782571] [Image: SupralandFighting500.gif?t=1592782571]

Disclaimer: I get some of these games from friends & take these in good faith. You can understand that its impossible to check if serial is working or already redeemed, unless you activate it on Steam. So if a key turns out to be a duplicate its unfortunate & hopefully I can offer a different replacement game if I have it. You have to active it on Steam & hope all are ok & you get the game. This is the only term/condition I got for such personal giveaways of mine. Pictures used are from steam pages & internet & only used for fair use. No copyright infringement intended.
Giveaway is now closed.

Winner: scot
Thanks Bro.

I'm glad to be part of P2D. 5 years is a long time and tough to survive, but P2D did. Good luck for coming years.

Thanks, Grr
I thank everyone who contributes to this wonderful forum

I wish you beautiful days
Exploring abilities to reach a Millenium Smile HAPPY Promo2day 5th Anniversary,
Happy Promo2day 5th Anniversary! Smile
Happy 5th year anniversary for this amazing forum hope it will keep grow stronger heading forward!
Thanks tregs_beales for the Supraland  giveaway.
Supraland looks like a fun game

Congrats to Promo2day on their 5th Anniversary.
Thanks for a great giveaway.
congratulation and happy anniversary to all member!
thank you . congratulation 
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