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4K Video Downloader 4.19.3

Quote:◦TikTok video links parsing issue fixed
◦Subtitles naming fixed.
◦Some Soundcloud links downloading fixed.
◦Various issues fixed.
◦Download speed drop issue fixed.
4K Video Downloader 4.20

Quote:What's New:
◦Rumble download feature implemented.
◦BitChute download feature implemented.
◦Parsing issues with some Bilibili links fixed.
◦Endless parsing of some YouTube Shorts fixed.
◦Endless parsing of some YouTube channels fixed.
◦Incorrect subtitle recognition in some videos fixed.
◦Incorrect notifications about downloaded files fixed.
◦Incorrect Twitch clips duration time display fixed.
◦Incorrect audio quality download fixed.
◦Various small issues and crashes fixed.
◦Audio extraction no longer requires video codec/quality info.

Quote:What's New
◦Youtube subtitle downloading issue fixed.
◦Various Youtube slow downloading issues fixed.
◦Incorrect Youtube video size issue fixed.
◦Soundcloud channel parsing fixed.
◦Various Facebook parsing issues fixed.
◦ Various Bitchute parsing issues fixed.

Quote:◦Variuos Soundcloud parsing issues fixed.
◦Various Youtube subtitle issues fixed.
◦Youtube slow parsing issue fixed.
◦Download hanging issue fixed.
◦Incorrect Youtube video size issue fixed.

Quote:◦Variuos Youtube and Youtube.Music parsing issues fixed.

◦Various Tiktok parsing issues fixed.
Version 4.21

Quote:◦ Download speed drop in YouTube issue fixed.
◦ Long parsing of some playlists fixed.
◦ Hang while parsing some Vimeo videos fixed.
◦ Hang while parsing SoundCloud playlists fixed.
◦ Inability to fully download SoundCloud playlists fixed.
◦ Facebook video parsing issue fixed.
◦ Inability to parse links from Likee fixed.
◦ Sound missing in videos from subscriptions fixed.
◦ Subtitles missing after resuming video download fixed.
◦ Parsing of “bilibili.com/bangumi” links implemented.
◦ Error for all unfinished downloads after resuming fixed.
◦ Inability to log in within the application on Ubuntu 22.04 fixed.
◦ Incorrect video count in YouTube playlists fixed.
Version 4.21.1

Quote:◦Inability to parse links in smart mode fixed.
Version 4.21.2

Quote:◦Overall stability improved.
◦Memory footprint reduced for conversion stage.
◦Endless parsing of re-added channel fixed.
Version 4.21.5

Quote:■ YouTube Musk parsing fixed.
= YouTube Music slow download fixed.
■ YouTube age-restricted videos parsing fixed.
= Missing subtitles fixed.
■ Wrong title for some Facebook videos fixed.
= Rare issue with subscriptions downloading videos without sound fixed.
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