Full Version: Wise Care 365 Free 5.6.1 Build 557 & Portable Wise Care 365 Free 5.6.1 Build 557
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https://www.wisecleaner.com/blog.html        Wise Care 365 v5.6.1
Nov. 20, 2020     
    1. Fixed a minor bug in scheduled tasks in non-Windows 10 systems.
    2. Added the function of displaying system information in System Monitor.
    3. Improved the mechanism of detecting Utilities updates.
    4. Fixed some other minor bugs.
    5. Updated various translations.

Wise Care 365 5.6.1
PC Cleaning and Speed up Tool
Last updated: 2020-11-20
Size: 11.0 MB

Windows XP, Vista,
(both 32-bit and 64-bit)    Download Freeware:  https://downloads.wisecleaner.com/soft/W....1.557.exe              Portable version:  https://downloads.wisecleaner.com/soft/W....1.557.zip    Digital Signature ( Lespeed Technology Ltd. )