Full Version: Acrobat DC issue when creating PDF from Outlook desktop
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Hi all!

I am trying to convert some emails in PDF with Outlook desktop for archiving purpose.

But I have issues with this: at some point, both Outlook and the Acrobat creation applet crash and nothing is saved; also if I restart the computer or Outlook I have the same result.

A few days, an Adobe technician accessed my computer and did something, such as cleanup Acrobat and reinstall, so did I, but without success.

The most annoying thing is that Acrobat is very expensive, and it doesn't work well, while other less pricey alternatives such as Kofax PowerPDF, Nitro and PhantomPDF don't have any problem at all.

Could you help me find what's the source of the problem?


Windows 10 version 19042.685
I use PhantomPDF Business and this is the only software that I have no problem at all, while I don't understand while Acrobat doesn't work.

And, as stated before, the Adobe support is useless.