Full Version: Tweaking.com - Windows Repair 4.11.1 (New)
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https://www.tweaking.com/articles/pages/...log,1.html      Tweaking.com - Windows Repair - Change Log
Fixed a bug where you couldnt start the repairs if you didnt use english. This is now fixed.      https://www.tweaking.com/content/page/wi...n_one.html    4.11.1 - For all versions of Windows (2/11/2021)

Installer (43.58 MB)  Download:  https://www.tweaking.com/files/setups/tw..._setup.exe          Portable (43.31 MB) Download:  https://files1.majorgeeks.com/786cc1c2c2...ir_aio.zip       Digital Signature ( Tweaking LLC )   Smile Big Grin Thumb