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Ashampoo Father's Day Giveaway ( Facebook) - Mike - 06-18-2017

[Image: 3eencre.jpg]

Quote:In honour of Father´s day in the USA, we´re having the daddy of all competitions!

When I was a young girl, my dad and my uncle took me on a Father´s day boat trip. It was a little boat with a motor, we call it a nutshell. We sailed on our river, the Hunte, and the men wanted to fish. My uncle wanted to smoke the fishes for the dinner. Wouldn´t you just know it, we lost the motor in the middle of the Hunte, where it sank to the bottom of the river. My mom and my aunt screamed:" Oh God, please take care of Melanie!" I was laughing about the fearful women and I didn´t understand their fear. I could swim and we had paddles on board. So what was the problem? And so my dad and my uncle laughed too and took the paddles to paddle back. Of course, my das held me and he put me in a life jacket, but I thought I didn´t need it. He told me:" Mellie, look at your mom, she´s in trouble." Pff...
We had no fishes, but of course they had meat in the fridge and they made a BBQ. It was a funny day and I´ll never forget it.

What´s your funniest Father´s day story? Do you have any epic dad moments?

Let me know here on Facebook and you could win one of ten "Big Daddy Bundles" for the best stories.

Go ahead!

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RE: Ashampoo Father's Day Giveaway ( Facebook) - AAU - 06-18-2017

Thanks for the post