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A pro-immigrant deputy interrupts a minute of silence - Bjyda - 06-09-2018

A minute of silence in the German parliament in honor of the raped and murdered 14-year-old Susanne F. was disrupted by left-wing parliamentarians. While AfD deputies honored the girl, left-wing parliamentarians were not able to appreciate it.
Claudia Roth - in the years 2004-2013, the co-chairman of the Greens, the 3rd and 4th European MP, deputy to the Bundestag and its vice-chairman - decided to break the tribute begun by MP Thomas Seitz (AfD), citing the violation of the rules of the meeting.

Roth belongs to various leftist and pro-immigrant organizations, including Humanistische Union and Pro Asyl. She is an activist for LGBT people within Lesben- und Schwulenverband in Deutschland. She participated, among others at the 2005 Warsaw Equality Parade

Roth also became famous for her commentary on loud harassment by female migrants.

- The incident at the station in Cologne may be seen as a kind of cry for help from refugees who feel sexually marginalized by German women - said the politician.

14-year-old Susanne from Mainz was kidnapped, raped and murdered by a refugee from Iraq. When the police chose him as the likely perpetrator, it turned out that he managed to escape to his native country a few days earlier. Yesterday, however, he was arrested by the Kurdish police.

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