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Year around giveaways - Ari - 06-10-2018

Being a long time member of this forum and also having years of experience in giveaway forums, 
I would suggest P2D should always have running giveaway for IDM & Cyberghost biweekly or monthly basis all year around, as these two have most demand for giveaways.
I have experienced that when ever IDM or Cyberghost giveaway running the response rate is most and significantly higher than other giveaways. Over and above adding single lifetime license in these giveaway offer would be cherry in the cake.

I would like to thank Mike and all other MODs for their hard work to make this forum cut above other forums.       
P2D Best Best Best

RE: Year around giveaways - tregs_beales - 06-10-2018

Nocomment Nocomment Nocomment Duh Duh Duh

RE: Year around giveaways - Mike - 06-10-2018

You have a great idea Ari but the developers are not so giving with free licenses to support our giveaways that often.

RE: Year around giveaways - monstertruckpa - 06-10-2018

FLSTUDIO PRODUCER EDITION.  newest or any older version: doesn't import! Party
[Image: 2981-screenshot-image.jpg]