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Multi Commander 8.3 ( Build 2469 ) & Portable Version - mrtrout - 08-08-2018           Multi Commander 8.3 ( Build 2469 )
Tuesday, August 7, 2018
Around 15+ changes since 7.7

I been busy fixing internal things for coming version, But this minor things was possible to include into a separate release

Changes (v8.1 and v8.3)

You can now have more then 300 UserDefinedCommands, New limit is 600
Now possible to click SkipAll on error that Source and Target location is same
Invert selection now works better in Windows Explorer mode
Fixed crash when image engine tried to parse PSD file
Running Bat generated User defined command from commnadline field, Now support paramters
3 stability fixes         100% clean from third party software. No other software than Multi Commander will be installed.
Multi Commander does not change any settings in Windows, And does not hook it self into anything inside Windows.

Download Portable version
The Portable version is a preconfigured version of Multi Commander that is configured to store all configuration and settings in the same folder that it is run from. Just unpack the portable version (keep the folder structure) and run MultiCommander.exe.
If you already have Multi Commander installed you can create a portable version by selecting "Install Multi Commander to USB Device" in the help menu.

 MultiCommander v8.3.0 (Build 2469) (32 bit)
SHA1 : 02142AD0C3FE1AB64F7F8B1B6F5B1AD83607E820
 MultiCommander v8.3.0 (Build 2469) (64 bit)
SHA1 : C4C01221B172AE2FEEF5CB1590536523A9EBE558
7 Aug 2018   Only download the portable version from this site.
Because the portable version is a normal zip archive, you cannot know if anyone else has changed and modified the files inside.   100% Scanned Malware Free & Clean With Kaspersky Total Security  2019  & Kaspersky File Advisor  Application: Multi Commander installation Vendor: Mathias Svensson  Unknown ( Kaspersky Security Network) Fewer than 100 Kaspersky Security Network users have used this application.  First appeared: 12 hours ago