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keylogger i would contests software

divinenews12@gmail.comI would like contests for anti-keylogger software.
One of my greatest concerns about being online is having my private information stolen by "bad actors" (banking, passwords, activation codes for software, etc.)

So, I would like the forum to have anti-keylogger software contests such as:

1. Zamana Anti-keylogger LINK

2. SpyShelter Silent Anti Keylogger LINK 

... or any anti-logger software that the admins, moderators, or members understand to be a better/stronger defense.  

[Image: giphy.gif] 

*Please vote your opinion in the poll shown above or post your thoughts on the subject below. ... If your answer to the poll is "NO," would you please post why you think so down below. I am interested in your reasoning. Thumb

Thank you, Smile
I vote: Zemana :-)
I'm thinking at KeyScrambler (Zemana is better than Zamana Tongue )
Voting & suggesting are the easy parts. Can anyone prepare a long detailed review?  Smile 
Zemana giveaways for ZAM happen regularly, ZAL will be rare.
i dont need but seems by mistake clicked no Wink
Sent request to SpyShelter for a forum giveaway.
(06-29-2019 , 01:04 AM)tarekma7 Wrote: I sent a giveaway request

(01-05-2020 , 01:32 AM)Mike Wrote: Sent request to SpyShelter for a forum giveaway.

Lifetime licenses would be great!
(01-04-2020 , 05:05 AM)Leroy Wrote: Leroy wrote:
I vote:  Zemana  :-)

Leroy, I would like a Zemana Anti-logger contest also, as often as possible.
 ... Many say Zemana Anti-logger is not updated enough. Maybe it does not have to be because it works. 

If you agree with me, post below. Smile

[Image: KIxtjfc.gif]

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