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Mohammad's Shop
Hi everyone I always try to do best giveaway for everyone, but this I got this great opportunity to sell products.

Don't worry all product would be purchase by myself but one thing you have to notice. Some software maybe need a VPN to activate it not everytime just for activation, after that you're free to user anywhere in the world

Currently I offer just 2 EIS and KIS.

I could offer cheap rate AVs:

1.Eset Internet security 1user 3year : 20$

2.Kaspersky internet security 1user 3yr : 16$

Price could be fluctuate so please confirm before buy.

Money received Method : PayPal.

For more details like multi user license with multi yr please PM me.

Thanks for this Smile
Good luck on your sales Mohammad
Mohammad, I wish you well and hope you continue to add other great deals. Thumb
In what currency are these prices Smile
Thanks Clyde, I corrected.

It would be in US dollars.
I'm assuming these keys can be activated in any Country as well?
(11-15-2021 , 01:07 AM)clyde Wrote: I'm assuming these keys can be activated in any Country as well?

Sorry for very late reply I didn't see your message, 
You need to use VPN just for activation once activated you can use without VPN.

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