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Contact with developers
(01-18-2020 , 11:33 PM)eufrasiox Wrote: I think the issue was what to do with liars and hypocrites who try to deceive the administrators, developers and members of this forum.

what are your thoughts mike?

Already spoke my thoughts they will be banned from this forum. We have posted several times the rules of Promo2day. It doesn't matter who they are the same rules apply to all of us.
(01-17-2020 , 09:33 AM)tarekma7 Wrote: Hi all

This is a second reminder

No contact with any developer for any reason on behalf of Promo2day forum. 

If you are a winner and go directly to the developer with no permission from staff members or giveaway organizer; you will be banned from all future giveaways in Promo2day

This is a another IMPORTANT reminder of this rule for all members

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