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notification popups

InfinityNotification Popups
This is on Windows and I have Bitdefender on this system.

[Image: hO6eaXI.png]

I experienced Google Chrome notification popups, such as this one when I attempt to go websites. This happens randomly. For example, I can go to a page multiple times and only some of the times this pops up. This occurred on Promo2day, a Google search, Gmail, and other websites that were pretty trustworthy. I scanned and removed PUPs with Malwarebytes and its adware tool, but it wasn't effective. I scanned with Zemana Antimalware: Nothing found. Same goes with a Bitdefender quick scan. I have the Adguard extension and Adguard's Stealth Mode extension. I will update this post with more info, if I receive any.

What the popup does: If I click OK, it brings me to an invalid webpage. If I click cancel, it lets me do what I wanted to do. If I do nothing, it can go away by itself.

If any questions, reply below.

Please help. Sad
check this post.hope help you
and what if you create new profile?what happen
(05-27-2017 , 08:26 PM)baziroll Wrote: hi
check this post.hope help you
and what if you create new profile?what happen
On the way to your links, it happened again. Tongue
I'll try to do what the links say.
I think its good now! Thanks bazi.
Thanks for the update Infinity.

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