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Genie Timeline Home 2016 [Unlimited Giveaway]
[Image: Data_Selections.png]

Genie Timeline makes it easy to continuously protect all your files no matter where they are stored; on your computer, external and network drives. Genie Timeline works automatically to protect new and changed files without any intervention.

Effortless protection for all your files

Simple and Easy:

Three steps and you're done
  • Automatic purge to save space
  • Protection level to indicate the health of the backup
  • Go back in time to restore files
  • View Timeline by new, modified and deleted files
Merges with Windows:

Control your backup with a right-click
  • Add/remove files from backup
  • Recover deleted files
  • View versions of files
  • Icon markers to show what files and folders are backed up


No intervention required; it will run without you ever noticing:
  • Set it and forget it
  • Set backup frequency to your preference
  • Automatic resume after pauses or disconnections

On the go

Your backup monitor anytime anywhere!
  • Stay connected with your backup status with iPhone/iPad Apps
  • View backed up files without any special software

Backs up all your important data:

It finds and backs up all your important files from your computer so you don't have to.
  • Backs up your documents, pictures , music, videos and more.
  • Backs up new and modified files; detects changes.
  • keeps versions to recover older or deleted files.
  • Protects mobile data synced to your computer.

Seamless System Recovery:

Protect your computer from hardware failures, crashes and viruses with Disaster Recovery
  • Automatic system backup without any intervention
  • Restore your system to any recovery point
  • Step-by-step wizard for easy recovery

Fast and lightweight:

No slowdowns or alerts to interrupt while playing games or movies.
  • Saves space by only taking one copy of duplicated files
  • Silently monitors changes
  • Turbo mode speeds up when computer is idle
[Image: 5onrsWz.png]

Get your FREE License here:

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thank you very much
Thanks given by: LowcyGier
Thanks given by: LowcyGier
(06-01-2017 , 09:33 PM)Infinity Wrote: You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login to view.Lifetime?

its for v2016. you will get download link in email
edit found different Lmao
my eyes to sleepy  Blush
Thanks given by: LowcyGier
Thank you, tarekma7!
Thanks given by: LowcyGier
My codes are not working - I have gotten 2 codes none work? anyone else have this or another issue?

Thanks Tongue

reply ASAP

Thanks given by: LowcyGier
When giveaway ends

Can I got it and activate after someday 
Thanks given by: LowcyGier
The download link sent in the email is for 2015 one and doesn't work with the key. The 2017 download on their site doesn't work either. Anyone know how to get the 2016 download link?

Edit: I edited the download link url to show a 7 instead of 6 and it worked (key works on it too).

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Thanks given by: baziroll , LowcyGier

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