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Whizkidraj Permanently banned
Hi All

Recently we have many problems in the forum. Some of these problems are with the developers

After doing sone search, we decided to permanently ban whizkidraj

He is banned for the following reasons:

1. Cheating

2. Multiple accounts

3. Contact with developers without previous permission and negotiate on behalf of promo2day forum with ONE AIM: Lifetime license with upgrades

4. Contacts with developers about some issues related to the forum and to other members

5. Some illegal requests from other members

I have PROOF for every point of these

In addition I sent him many times warning and PMs, but he continue to ignore my messages

He was permanently banned and his giveaway topic was deleted

ONE last thing; 

Any type of contact with the developers (on behalf of promo2day forum) must be done after permission from Promo2day staff  

If I receive any information from developers about contact or complaining (without permission), the member will be banned 

We are doing a great effort and spending many hours daily to make this forum the best and to help each other, All we ask is member cooperation
This is crucial especially if you contacted the developer without our knowledge or consent it will create problem for the giveaway organizer dealing with the developer in the future. I also noticed that some member contact developer using our forum name for their own greedy needs.

Having said so, we definitely appreciate for the effort that the member contribute but please at least let the staff know if you were to contact/agree a deal with the developer, at least by PM to avoid issue.

Let's do our best together to help the forum grow!
Thanks for the update and post. I don't always have a lot of free time to spend on the forum and contact developers as much as I should but contact with the developers (on behalf of promo2day forum) must be done after permission from Promo2day staff. I appreciate all the help from everyone here and only ask for members cooperation.

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