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Best Member of the year
Hi all

It's time to niminate member of the month. We will change this to Best member of the year.

This will be done every year with our Anniversary celebration. The member who contributed the best to our community will be nominated

Our staff and members are all invited to choose the best member over the last year

You can see the contribution of the member you will select, then select only one member

The selected member will have a special badge and will keep for the next anniversary celebration, then he will be moved to our prime members (if not already Prime)


1. Don't select staff members

2. Members with previous warning or ban can't be selected

3. You can select from previous MOTM members or any member you wish


Unlimited PMs

Special badge

Other awards will be announced soon
My nomination is sterchin. Is one of the most reliable traders here and also a very trustworthy person who made a big contribution for the trading section only on P2D.
Thank you sterchin for your work here.
Baziroll it is.
AAU is my choise Heart 

thanks You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login to view. Blush Heart
I would like to invite also staff members to vote here
baziroll is my choise
I randonly selected from so many members
I pick baziroll
We have so many members that qualify for this award that it is impossible for me to choose just one person. Good luck to all of you active members and hopefully we will have a large vote on this Best member of the year award.
Good luck all member
I think you win the most worthy Smile

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