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review pro giveaway ransomware 15 licenses appcheck

AppCheck Pro Anti-Ransomware Review and Giveaway (15 Licenses)
[Image: KU3w5Ke.png]

Malicious programs that destroy PCs or data are hidden as normal programs to hide their identity as much as possible. Ransomware encrypts your files as hostage and requests money for decryption.

Security software, such as antivirus, analyzes these malicious programs to extract traits and defend against further execution. However, new and popular malicious programs, such as ransomware attacks, create another variant that looks like a normal program. This ransomware has the characteristic of infecting just by visiting a web page, and also spreads the variant every two days and caused damage to a lot of users. There are many limitations of existing detection methods. 

CheckMAL's AppCheck Pro is a faithful product to defend ransomware that monitors and defends mainly the last action of ransomware through its own context awareness algorithm and the built-in CARB engine.

The AppCheck Anti-Ransomware is the next Generation Endpoint Anti-Ransomware Solution that protects organizations of all sizes from modern-day ransomwares. It prevents, detects and recovers damaged files from ransomware with the next generation context awareness ransomware behavior detection engine.

[Image: CEXqj0S.png]

Why do you need Anti-Ransomware Solution?

Most PCs already have the Anti-Virus installed, however; Ransomware infection continues to expand the damage.
Since it is difficult to protect the advanced Ransomware relying on general malware detection method, AppCheck becomes the only solution providing proactive defense from unknown Ransomware threats based on Context-Awareness Ransomware Behavior engine.

Unique feature only available in AppCheck:  Detects and recognizes file modification context

How it is working to protect you:

The program uses unique triple defense system:

[Image: vkUNaRG.png]

The free (non-commercial) version only blocks the Ransomware behavior through Ransom Guard. It does not provide automatic deletion.

The Pro version provides automatic remediation (delete) by default.  However, if the binary contains digital signatures, the process is only blocked.

Key Features:


Prevent file-lock ransomware attacks.
Stop zero-day ransomwares such as memory-mapped, script-based, hard-link based file destruction attacks.
Automatically roll-back damaged files by ransomwares.
Easily add and customize file extension monitoring list.


Context Awareness Based Ransomware Behavior Engine autonomously categorizes unwanted file change at its modification.
Stop zero-day ransomwares such as memory-mapped, script-based, hard-link based file destruction attacks.
Automatically recover damaged files by ransomwares and remove files that are created by ransomwares.


Silent deployment feature enables zero impact to end-users activity.
Minimized resource usage provides efficient yet powerful proactive ransomware defense system.
Allows co-existence with existing AV and security products, doesn’t requires change of current infrastructure.
Completely independent from cloud, doesn't affect detection rate even in offline.


RansomGuard keeps original files only about to damage, increasing efficiency of disk space.
Integrated scheduled backup adds another layer of safety and provides alternative for recovery in case of detection failure.
Detect and block unwanted file destruction of network shared folder from remote PC.


Integrated scheduled backup feature enables backup to desired network path, including Network Attached Storage as well as local disk drive.
Maximize Ransomware protection by leveraging existing resources.
Specifying backup file extension and target your backup to inexpensive network storage makes same effect as deploying central backup solution with no additional cost.



System Requirements:

Operating System: Microsoft Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 (32/64bit)
CPU Intel Core 1.6 GHz Intel Core i 2.66 GHz
Memory 1GB higher 2GB higher
Free Disk Spaces 2GB higher 10GB higher
Web Browser: Internet Explorer 8 Edge / Internet Explorer 11 / Firefox / Chrome


[Image: 9UJCbCs.png]
[Image: Cq2G18Z.png]

Purchase AppCheck Pro:

Purchase AppCheck Pro now for Personal use. Registration unlock all features during the license period.

[Image: Nmp30QD.png]


Check more than 400 videos testing newest Ransomwares here:

System Scan

The system scan displays the results of the scan as "safe" or "Infected" through a manual scan of the Ransomware payment instructions file.

[Image: JstZBJN.png]

Real-time protection

Real-time protection includes Ransom Guard. This includes; Ransomware Proactive Defense, Ransom Shelter, File Destruction Detection, MBR Protection, File Protection in Shared Folders

[Image: pWhVzct.png]

Blocking Ransomware Behavior:

RansomGuard blocks and remediates the Ransomware encryption behavior with notification

[Image: kpLWusF.png]

MBR Protection feature provides protection from Ransomwares and malwares which alters Master Boot Record and interrups booting to Operating System.

Auto Backup:
Users can specify backup run for only specific extensions, folders, and exclusions. The destination can be either Local Disk or Network Shared Folder 

AppCheck Tools provides detailed information of threat, quarantine, and event log. 

Settings: AppCheck option provides normal, Ransom guard, automatic backup (AppCheck Pro only), and Whitelist settings.

[Image: XOoU7eu.png]

Program update: can be obtained either manually or automatically

I would like to thank CheckMAL Team for sponsoring this Giveaway exclusive for Promo2day users

Giveaway Details:

We have 15 Licenses, each is valid for 1 year

Giveaway will end on November 25, 2017

Winners will be selected by


We have 3 Simple rules:

What is your favorite features in this app?

What is the software you are currently using ? or not using any protection against Ransomware?

Like and follow CheckMAL on social media and youtube:
 Youtube  Facebook

Share the giveaway news on their own social media accounts 

Good Luck for All!
Quote:What is your favorite features in this app?

MBR/GPT Protection and RansomShelter

Quote:What is the software you are currently using ? or not using any protection against Ransomware?

Currently EXE Radar pro, Sandboxie and Zemana AM

What is your favorite features in this app?

RansomShelter back up orginal files and protect this file

What is the software you are currently using ? or not using any protection against Ransomware?

Acronis True Image ransomware protaction
Thanks for the giveaway.
Currently I'm using the antivirus program AVG Internet Security which has a Ransomware Protection. And I believe there is a need to strengthen the protection against Ransomware additionally

My favorite favorite features AppCheck Pro:
- Built-in backup function.
- Automatically roll back the corrupted files with the help of ransomwares.
- Minimize the use of resources.
- Allows you to coexist with existing AV and security products.

thankyou by the competition, im using in my two pc's, Eset and Emsisoft as first line of defense, i need an new layer to combat against ransomware, inside of the my main guideline. I think it's the best program for this task, seeing very good comments. Right now I'm trying the free version. although I am not prone nor have I seen a ransomware in my lived life, But i like this prize.

my favourites PRO features are:

MBR/GPT Protection
Protection from ransomwares and malwares modifying both MBR
Automatic Remediation
Automatically block and remediate when ransomware behavior is detected.(Master Boot Record) and GPT(GUID Partition Table).

What is your favorite features in this app?
MY favourite feature of Appcheck is it's MBR and GPT protection which protect both senisitive areas with his protection. And MBR protection is limited in some products only.

What is the software you are currently using ? or not using any protection against Ransomware?

I'm using Appcheck already and i want one more one year license and using some more on-demand scanners Zemana.

Thanks for the Giveaway
MY share
What is your favorite features in this app?

as usual i like

MBR/GPT Protection 

 Protection from ransomwares and malwares modifying both MBR and GPT

What is the software you are currently using ? or not using any protection against Ransomware?

zemana & malwarebyte


Thank you tarekma & CheckMAL team for arranging an exciting giveaway.

Appcheck Anti-ransomware is the best protection against ransomwares due to its continuous development & numerous tutorial & real time blocking video demonstration produced on Youtube by the AppCheck developers. To give a level of protection to every user, AppCheck has a free version. This is the first feature I love. AppCheck has very good modules for good protection & prevention measure. The RansomShelter module does the job of backing up all data & files in real time, creates backup of those & protects the backup from any kind of external influence to keep it in protected condition. I also like proactive MBR/GPT protection where no modification to Boot records is prevented. When ransomware behavior is detected Appcheck can automatically block them without manual interference. This is very important.

I currently have a security setting of Norton IS standard, Zemana & Impedio Security Anti Ransomware. I would love to use AppCheck new version with my primary antivirus. I need a good proactive protection like APpCheck pro in my setting.

Already following AppCheck on facebook & Youtube.

Facebook share
Thanks For This Giveaway

What is your favorite features in this app?

Real-time protection
GPT and MBR protection.
RansomGuard (Blocks and removes Ransomware cryptography behavior by notification.)

What is the software you are currently using ? or not using any protection against Ransomware?

The software I am currently using against ransom viruses,
Malwarebyte Anti-Malware Premium

[Image: Facebook-icon.png][Image: Twitter-icon.png][Image: Google-Plus-icon.png]
thanks for the giveaway

my favorite feature:
blocking ransomeware behaviour

current software which I use:
zemana antilogger

my share

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