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Share Post: Reddit Facebook Lifetime VPN for Black Friday & anonymous token shop
Hi everyone,

That is the time of Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Christmas, so we're sending you this little e-mail to keep you informed of our deals.

Unlike other VPN providers, we won't focus on selling volume. We will focus on long-term fidelity. The market is already overcrowded of good and worse providers to meet all sorts of budgets.

We're therefore happy on our side to announce you that we are running a lifetime membership promotion. You can learn more about it @

You'll understand this promotion is here to support our open source development efforts with Safejumper, as well as with new OpenVPN binaries, but will also provide some little help to worthy NGOs. It is also made available to you in an entirely anonymous way.

We will take down this promotion at any time in future, primarily when we reach a point when it becomes a loss for us. Our vision has always been one where you should opt for at least two or three VPN providers, among which is a must have.

Furthermore, as many of you asked, we've designed a one-time shop to purchase anonymous tokens. You can take a look at it @

From this little anonymous shop, you can purchase tokens for yourself, your friends or your organisation, without opening an account with us. You can even resell them. These tokens are hashes that anyone can use as username & password to log into our network, including through Safejumper.

That's pretty much all we had to tell you here. We have big plans for 2018 such as improved Safejumper with TOR's obfs3 variation, OpenVPN binary based on Serpent encryption, enhanced DNS solutions and user-focused tunnels to unlock popular platforms. We look forward to having you contribute.

The team wishes you a pleasant end of the year, full of satisfaction and hopes. Stay safe and secure.

Best regards to all,
Gena & the whole gang.

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