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converter review pdf giveaway ocr lighten

Lighten PDF Converter OCR Review and Giveaway
[Image: RAs7z79.png]


First, we need to know some basic knowledge about Portable Document Format (PDF). This will help you to better understand the importance of this program. PDF is an open standard for document exchange. It can preserve the original appearance in different computer operation system, monitor, or printer. Most of the users use PDF document in daily life, however it comes with some drawbacks such as fixed formatting and difficult to edit. This renders the content within PDF frozen especially if scanned document, even the Adobe Acrobat can't edit the file perfectly. This makes conversion of PDF documents into other formats (for example office) very important for a lot of users especially if the original format can be kept

[Image: fxUNR4e.jpg]

Lighten PDF Converter OCR is pro version of PDF Converter Master. It helps users to easily convert PDF file into Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, EPUB, CSV, Plain Text and Image, and keep the original formatting as accurate as possible. This helps you to edit or manage the file in any way you need while keeping its original format. The built-in advance OCR function make it easy to perform text recognition and extract text from scanned PDF file. It is the best choice for office professionals, academic users and small business.


Current version: 5.3.0 

[Image: n0Vosl0.png]


File Size: 49.8MB

System Requirements

Operating System: Microsoft Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista and XP (all editions)
Does not require Microsoft office and Adobe product installed 
Recommended hardware Processor: 2GHz Processor, 1G RAM:, 200MB Free HDD Space

Features and uses:

PDF is a real headache sometimes, especially when you want to make change or copy the content to the other document formats. Save yourself some time, let Lighten PDF Converter OCR get the conversion job done.

It can quickly convert PDF into 8 common document formats, including Microsoft Office (Word, PowerPoint, Excel), EPUB, RTF, image and plain text. 

Lighten PDF Converter OCR is designed for saving your precious time.

Rich Choices of output formats

Lighten PDF Converter OCR lets you view and convert PDF files into 9 common document formats. You can convert PDF to Microsoft Word (.docx, .doc) for easier editing, copying and any other revision. In addition, you can easily extract data to Excel (.xlsx) or csv for better data analysis performance. If you are planning to present the PDF in PowerPoint Presentation (.pptx), the process is very easy using this app. Many users prefer EPUB format EPUB for better reading experiences, using the app you can easily convert PDF to flowable EPUB. Besides, if you just want the plain text or image, .txt and .jpg is available. Actually it is an 9-in-1 PDF Converter!

Retain the look and feel accurately:

PDF and Office are totally different document formats, Lighten PDF Converter OCR will try its best to keep the original contents, formatting, layouts and graphic elements as accurate as possible. It puts tabular data into the right cell in Excel Spreadsheet. It keeps original look and feel of even complicated PDF file in Word document. It will also preserve layouts in PowerPoint output file. 
This feature is very important for you as you don't need to spend hours tweaking the output file.

Read the full review HERE

I would like to thank Lighten Sofyware Team for sponsoring this exclusive giveaway for Promo2day users

Giveaway Details:

We have 10 Lifetime licenses, the value of each license: 59.99$.

Giveaway ends:  December 20, 2017. Winners will be selected using


Reply with your favorite features

Share the giveaway on social media and other forums and add the link to your replyPM me within 3 days


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 Join lightensoftware PDF Converter OCR #Giveaway from @Promo2day forum:

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Use this purchasing link for PDF Converter OCR for Windows:

Coupon code: PROMO2DAY

Enter the code, you will enjoy 50% OFF exclusive offer. 
Thanks for the good giveaway

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Favourite features:

The favourite features of the Lighten PDF Converter OCR stems from its OCR capabilities, a function that entails performing a comprehensive text recognition and extracting the content from a scanned PDF file.

 I am happy to learn that the Lighten PDF Converter OCR can recognize characters according to their shapes and looks. The OCR is designed to work with several languages – including Russian, Swedish and Polish –, a setting that I can modify at any time by accessing the dedication option window.

I love that feature of the Lighten PDF Converter OCR is that it is capable of recognizing the type of date featured in the PDF file, an option that can spare me the trouble of further formatting on the output file when converting Excel or PowerPoint files.

Thank you for the giveaway.

Lighten PDF Converter OCR Extremely easy to use, simply add PDF files, select output formats, click 'Convert' button, it will do the rest.
Thanks for this giveaway.

I like the conversion to Office formats, and the epub format support

My Introduction

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My favorite features:
- converts PDF into 8 document formats
- has a built-in OCR (available for 9 languages)
- Build-in PDF Reader
- it's easy to use
Thanks! Thumb
Thanks for the giveaway.
My favorite features Lighten PDF Converter OCR:
• Convert to various formats: Word (.docx), Excel (.xlsx), PowerPoint (.pptx), text (.txt), CSV (.csv), EPUB, RTF and images (.jpg).
• OCR performs recognition and extraction of text from scanned document, in 9 languages.
• Autonomous and does not require installed Microsoft Office products and Adobe.
• Built-in PDF viewer allows to view PDF files before converting.

Lighten PDF Converter is reliable and easy to use. The OCR feature gives very good output results.
This software is great for anyone who works with PDF and wants a quick converter.

Thanks for the contest

scanned PDFs to editable content files
Thanks tarekma & Lighten Software for this great giveaway!

Lighten PDF Converter OCR is pro version of PDF Converter Master. It helps users effortlessly convert PDF file into Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, CSV, Plain Text and Image, and keep the original formatting as accurate as possible. PDF Converter OCR for Windows is the most comprehensive PDF Converter, converts PDF to Office and more. With OCR function, it can also convert scanned PDF into editable document.
- Convert PDF file to 9 other document formats
- Retain the look and feel accurately
- Recognize and extract text from scanned PDF with OCR
- Flexible output options & user friendly interface.

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Thanks for the giveaway. Smile

The OCR feature in Lighten PDF is invaluable. We can use it to scan PDFs, and make the docs into editable text.

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