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re system you using which operating why?

Which Operating system you're using and why?
Hello Guys, I want to know some good features of operating system your using and which you recommend to you're family and friends and why?

You can recommend any O.S but we focus more on Security wise and how have any suggestion for any O.S. Please share with us is grateful to you.

Suggestion like we can secure abc operating system by.....
I'm using windows because many apps which are required for me in daily life is available on windows but I recommend Linux because of security and it's free. Windows have many apps available but we have to pay for this operating system in terms of resources like half of ram usage etc.
I speed freak even if my pc is fast enough for me. Maybe I'm curious about RAMDISK and cache setups...
I use Windows OS because it came with my computer and because of the apps support. But I will use Linux distro someday.
I use Windows 7, 10, Ubuntu 14.04, 16.04, Android 4.4, 6, 7.1.2, iOS 5.1, LibreElec 8.
Unfortunately on older devices I can not upgrade.
On my main laptop I use Windows 7 mostly because on my old Lenovo ThinkPad X230 it runs better than Windows 10.
I forget to mentioned that after posting this thread I switch back to GNU/Linux completely. I run windows in VM for testing or for opening the any type of file. Performance wise Linux is the best and Linux is only the Operating system I thought compete with Mac os. Swap memory is very use when running windows in VM. Linux is the best for i3 or lower processors.
I use Windows 10 Home x64 It seems to be more secure than previous versions of windows. I also use windows because I can use and access a very large number of apps.
Though from time to time I also experiment with various  Linux distros which seem to work better with older and lower power systems.
Windows 10 64 Bit Version newest safest  version modern version too of windows operating system got it free too from windows 7 upgrade too
Currently using Windows 10 (x64) on my notebook, some tools I rely on are only available for the windows platform. However, I'm planning to change to a dual boot setup and install Debian Linux besides. I prefer Debian over other desktop Linux distributions as it's not that bloated as (K)Ubuntu and others.

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