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[Exclusive] Macecraft jv16 PowerTools 2017
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We @Promo2day are very proud to announce this EXCLUSIVE Giveaway jv16 PowerTools 2017

First I would like to thank Macecraft Team for sponsoring this Giveaway 

It’s essential that your laptop works at its best at all times. However, as time goes by, the regular use of your computer increases unnecessary files and fragments your hard drive (especially if it is not a SSD drive). Lousy computer habits may also lead to a laptop slow to startup. Fast start-up and speed of operation are two of the best things about a new PC. After all, you want your PC to run at full capacity. It doesn’t matter if it’s a cheap laptop or a powerful desktop gaming computer. 
Some tune-up utilities perform only those basic functions. jv16 PowerTools is a software toolkit designed simply to make Windows fast. It also comes with On/Off switches that can help when looking to adjust Windows privacy settings.

It has a powerful ability to clean and optimize their computers. Using its Clean and SpeedUp My Computer tool, anyone can improve the performance of their Windows computer. It works by cleaning out unneeded files and data, cleaning the Windows registry, automatically fixing system errors and applying optimization to your system.

User Interface

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 jv16 PowerTools 2017 is a PC System Utilities Software designed to make your computer work fast and smoothly.
It is specifically designed to work well alongside other top maintenance and anti-virus products on the market. Improve your system’s performance even further in a measurable way!

Latest version: (released: August 22, 2017)


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The Clean and SpeedUp My Computer tool allows you to run the History Cleaner and File Cleaner simultaneously, displaying their results in a single results window.

Other tools such as the Startup Optimizer, Registry Compactor and Windows AntiSpy can be activated at once while using  the Clean and SpeedUp My Computer tool, depending on your preferences.

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The Clean And Speedup My Computer tool has been designed to make your Windows computer start up faster and run smoother. It is a one-click solution for fixing registry errors and system errors in general, cleaning registry leftovers,  as well as unneeded files such as old log files and temporary files. It increases Windows startup speed by applying optimization to any other startup enabled program present in your system. Many common tasks can be automated by utilizing the Clean And Speedup My Computer.
It is the most used tool included in jv16 PowerToools 2017.  


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Enabling the Startup Optimizer makes Windows start faster. Using the Startup Optimizer does not remove anything from your computer. While the Startup Optimizer is enabled, all the software still start with your computer and no software is uninstalled.

The Startup Optimizer’s efficiency can be easily measured by the Startup Timer tool. Both these tools are included in jv16 PowerTools 2017 and help you optimize your system’s startup speed in a quantifiable way. This can easily be done by assigning different startup priorities to other programs or simply disabling some that you don’t really need to automatically start with Windows.


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The Windows Add/Remove Program feature in the control panel depends on new software registering itself upon installation. It has its limitations and can be quite slow. Additionally, it will not list all software. The Software Uninstaller tool included in jv16 PowerTools can both list software not even detected by the Windows Add/Remove Program feature and uninstall software Windows or other software can’t.


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The Check For Vulnerable Software tool scans your computer to look for installed software as well as left-over traces of old software containing known security vulnerabilities. 
Windows AntiSpy allows you to disable Windows features that might have implications on your privacy. The tool is designed specifically for Windows 10. it also allows you to improve the user interface of Windows by adding or removing specific features and apply performance related tweaks.
Startup Timer measures the time your computer takes to start up. It allows you to see exactly what is causing your computer to start slowly
Pictures AntiSpy allows you to safely remove private metadata from your picture files.


[Image: dEr8ruf.gif]

The Registry Cleaner allows you to identify and clean various types of Windows registry keys. It scans for invalid information left on your system by software that is no longer installed

The History Cleaner keeps your computers history data clean and increases your computers speed.

The Split Files tool allows you to split large files into smaller pieces with a variety of options. This will help you if you want to upload and share a 350 MB file with your friends using an online file sharing service 

The Immunize My Computer tool allows you to prevent your system from visiting known malicious websites.

The File Recovery tool allows you to easily recover deleted files.

The Disk Wiper is a tool for removing data in a way it cannot be ever restored.

The File Cleaner finds and allows you to delete temporary files with ease.

The Startup Manager allows you to see which programs automatically start with your computer and disable the ones you don’t really need.

Download your 60 day, fully functional, free trial version HERE and see how much faster your computer can run.

The Program is available in many languages. You can download you can download each translation file individually HERE 

Company Page


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Comparison with other Programs

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Help and Support


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Giveaway Will start on February 22 and ends on March 25, 2018

We have 10 Licenses for the Giveaway

5 Licenses  "One time payment" 

     5 Licenses "Pay once, use forever" 

During that time you can Download the free trial HERE and check the program features


Please Read these SIMPLE  RULES Carefully

1. The LIFETIME License rules:

Reply about jv16 Powertools 2017 in many ways according to your wish: For example:

- Short review in your own language to show uses, features you like, 

- Your experience with the program

 - What was the program you are currently using and why he want to change, 

- Prepare a video review and post online on youtube 

Share the giveaway news in social media (FB, twitter, G+...) or other forums 
The best contribution will be selected by the developer and have the chance to win ONE of 5 lifetime licenses

2. Pay Once License Rules:

Reply to the topic about favorite features and why they want to win a free license together with social media or other forum share 

Winners will be selected by random method as usual 

What is the difference between these two license Types:

One time Payment (29.95$)

Pay only one time and receive a license to use and update jv16 PowerTools without any additional upgrade costs or fees for one year (365 days).

Pay once, use forever (114.75$)

Pay only one time and receive a perpetual license to use the software forever. You will also receive all new product versions without any additional upgrade costs or fees.

Good Luck for all!
Giveaway is open now
Thanks Tarek, count me in for the giveaway.
Rules added, thanks gdant

please edit your post

Good luck for all
Thanks for the giveaway

My Twitter Share

I like the following features:

-Possibility to uninstall programs and theirs leftovers
-The "Immunize My Computer" feature
-The File Recovery Tool

I want to win a license, because, unfortunately, Windows doesn't have the features included in this software, especially that for recover files and delete leftovers of the software
best features : 
speed computer tool
file recovery tool
registry cleaner
Thank you for organizing the competition 

jjv16 PowerTools gives the user comprehensive control over the computer. The application has modules for monitoring, cleaning and controlling the registry, Internet connection and system files.
The program can massively rename files and give them attributes. Another interesting feature is searching for duplicated files and encrypting them using the following methods: Rijndeal, Skipjack, Twofish, Blowfish, Square.

I used jv16 till the last free version. It becomes my swiss army knife when dealing in registry. Scan and cleaning, startup items, editing registry, registry compactor, etc. I admit that the result is nearly accurate as they detect some obsolete registry entries that I uninstalled may months ago. I know it is aggressive when it comes to cleaning but it gives you easy to understand details of what registry to be deleted. I really like their color coding when it comes to registry cleaning. It gives you green, yellow, and red that naturally green is safer to delete and one click to select all the same color that you want. I pick the green and yellow color (I pay attention to the yellow one of course). I also use their registry compactor all the time, and I notice the speed on my computer. Currently, I'm using Ccleaner and if I will giving opportunity to win the lifetime license, I will switch to jv16 right away.

Thank you jv16 and for the giveaway!

Twitter Share
I want to join this. My favorite features are : registry cleaner, uninstall programs and it's leftovers, and the startup cleaning .

My favorite parts of this program are:
History Cleaner
Registry Cleaner
I've always liked the Register Cleaner in this software.

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