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Jaksta Delux Giveaway
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We @Promo2day are very proud to announce this RARE giveaway of Jaksta Delux

I would like to thank Jaksta Team for sponsoring this EXCLUSIVE Giveaway for Promo2day members 

Jaksta Delux is a bundle of all music and video applications from Jaksta company. It includes 6 applications in one bundle which will let you have all software for a good price

Jaksta Media Recorder
Jaksta Music Recorder
Jaksta Radio Recorder
Jaksta Converter
Jaksta Recorder for Slingbox
Jaksta Media Player

Save Big With This Value Bundle of 6 Powerful Recording Products

Buy the bundle for the best savings, or get these products individually.

[Image: dzCHtEV.png][Image: GFuqC7U.png][Image: q6C95Zw.png]

[Image: W2ns4T7.png][Image: IdiFpY2.png][Image: dsncpHD.png]

Latest Version: (FEB 12, 2018)

 SIZE: 103.4 MB

Top Features:

Save Big with One Low Price!
All our Windows Products
Jaksta Media Recorder
Jaksta Music Recorder
Jaksta Radio Recorder
Jaksta Recorder for Slingbox
Jaksta Converter
Jaksta Media Player
Money back guarantee


 WINDOWS 10, 8, 7, VISTA, XP (32 OR 64 Bit)





Downloads of any software:




We have 3 licenses for Jaksta Delux [$94.75 Each]

The Giveaway will start on February 23 and Ends on March 23, 2018

Winners will be selected by Random.org


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Good Luck for ALL!
Giveaway is open now
thanks for great giveaway Heart  Heart
it all in one tool so much great,i like it have player convertor recorder so have in one place all

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My favorite features-
Save videos from any site:    - Media Recorder

Digital Video Recorder (DVR) capture method is supurb at capturing from premium sites such as Netflix and Hulu where downloading is not allowed. You will enjoy high quality recordings to be made silently in the background. You can continue working on your computer.

Radio recorder  features-
Scheduler records radio shows unattended.-   

Guide makes it easy to choose shows, stations and podcasts.
Thanks Promo2day and Jaksta for this great contest.
The bundle have great features

Easily Download online videos
Record Radios to listen later as podcast

Thanks for great giveaway Smile
This is a good program. She has a good convector and player.  Heart Heart Heart
A user-friendly interface, even for the beginner. There is nothing superfluous.

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Thank you tarekma & Jaksta Team for bringing this Rare & Exclusive Promo2day special Jaksta Deluxe giveaway.

Jaksta Deluxe pack have got all the Jaksta excellent programms such as media recorder, radio recorder etc. It supports all ajor protocols & media sites, streaming sites. The program interface is great. Easy to use for beginner the layout is clean and straightforward, helping users search for and download video and audio files to their computer, convert them to different file formats, as well as record audio and video streams.
When it comes to conversion options, its possible to export the audio and video streams to ASF, AVI, MPG, FLV, MKV, MOV, MP3, MP4, 3GP, WMA, WMV, or other formats compatible with various media players, mobile phones, tablets, or game consoles. All in all, Jaksta Deluxe proves to be a reliable utility that comprises a decent feature pack for helping download and record video, audio, and radio streams.

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What I like with Jaskta Deluxe:
Video and Music Downloader
Schedule Unattended Downloads
Records Spotify
Supports 100's of formarts
No needs of codes
Quality conversions

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Thanks for the giveaway!
Thanks for the giveaway
favorite features
Video and Music Downloader
Automatically Tags Songs
Record multiple shows at the same time
No codec or format knowlege required
No codec packs required

Many thanks for the giveaway.
I have never heard about this solution before but after i installed the trial i can say it is a very good multimedia solution suitable for my needs. I need an internet downloader, a music converter and a music recorder to save to my desktop some very good internet radio hits and this might be what i need. 

Please count me in for the draw.

Heart Heart

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