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Luck of The Irish St Patrick's Day / Kerish Doctor 2018 Giveaway
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One of the greatest Irish festivals St. Patrick's Day or Paddy's Day celebrated internationally on March 17th commemorates the death of St. Patrick the patron saint of Ireland. A festive day for the Irish people St. Patrick's Day is a public holiday in the Republic of Ireland and also celebrated with much enthusiasm in places such as Canada, Great Britain, Australia, New Zealand and the United States. Sumptuous feasts, green clothes, frothy delights, joyous merrymaking with friends and family - all are parts of this grand occasion. Celebrate St. Patrick's Day with us here on Promo2day and take a chance on this fabulous giveaway.

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For those of you who don't know Kerish Doctor 2018 is an integrated solution for computer maintenance that utilizes the most promising developments in this area.

Due to its unique system, Kerish Doctor 2018 prevents Windows crashes in real time and also safely fixes registry errors.

The application regularly performs a maximally thorough and safe cleaning of your system to eliminate accumulated digital "trash", thereby increasing the efficiency of your computer in the best way possible.

Kerish Doctor 2018 protects your PC against malware and potential vulnerabilities and monitors computer settings that are important from the point of view of security.

The Smart Update system promptly updates the application's databases, which are constantly being improved by our experts. Thanks to this system, the software suite is becoming more effective every day, making our solution the most promising in its class.

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We at Promo2day would like to invite you and see for yourself how well Kerish Doctor 2018 works. Just download Kerish Doctor 2018 from HERE.
You can use the software to protect and fine-tune your computer Free for 15 days.

This giveaway will remain active until March 17th and all you need to do is share a few things and you will be entered. Just follow the easy rules below for a chance to win a free year of Kerish Doctor 2018.

I would Like to thank Kerish Products General Manager for sponsoring this Giveaway for our Promo2day members.

Giveaway Details:
Number of Licenses: 40

Validity of Licenses: 1 year (expiration date of keys: April 1, 2019) can be used only on one PC (any count of OS, reinstalling OS does not affect the license and can be activated again)

Value of each license: $19.95

Giveaway ends: March 17th, 2018


1. Add a share link of this giveaway (on social media or other forums) if possible.

2. Reply below with your Share Links and Features you like about Kerish Doctor 2018.
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4. Winners will be selected by using Randm.org. and Mike will send the licenses directly to you private message once giveaway ends. 

Good Luck for ALL!
Thank you for organizing the competition 

Why do I need Kerish Doctor?

Acceleration of computer operation up to 50%: significant computer acceleration and shorter response time were noted.
Cleaning up to 500 MB of junk files per day: the most perfect cleaning of your computer from the accumulated digital 'trash'.
Reducing the risk of defects by up to 30%: a system of avoiding defects and repairing registry errors reduce the probability of defects.

I love Kerish Doctor most especially the Protection feature because it has kept me and PC's safe for the past year. Unfortunately, my license has already expired. :Sad Would love to win another one! :Big Grin Thanks for the opportunity!

Twitter share - https://twitter.com/UbosOras/status/970465069095006208
Thanks for the contest
Kerish Doctor 2018. has many great options
custom diagnostics, Solving Pc Problems

Thank you Mike. count me at this, kerish for is awesome.
Thanks for the giveaway.
 In Kerish Doctor 2018 I like the following features:
- Prevent Windows crashes in real time and safely fix registry errors. 
- Setting of the temperature regimes.
- Protection against threats and vulnerabilities.

Why I want to win this Kerish Doctor 2018 giveaway:
1. From experience, I know Kerish Doctor prevents system failures in real time.
2. Finds and cleans "digital trash" that no other cleaner I have found can do.
3. Fixes broken links within my system.

"This software is a 'must have.' It really works to save and improve your computer system!" Smile

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Key features that I like with Kerish Doctor
Prevent windows failures in real-time
Monitor computer temp
Cleaning trash
Purge invalid items and shortcuts
Optimize windows settings and services
Malware protection
Monitor key PC stroke

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Thanks for the giveaway!
Greetings to all the fans of the forum Promo2day. It's nice to see here regular Giveaways & draws of first-class programs. Here are the keys for Kerish doctor were drawn here exactly a year ago.  Thanks to the wonderful site Promo2day, its active member ya5h KH4N and its administrator Mike for acquaintance and assistance in obtaining a license for <Kerish Doctor>. This upscale product  "All in one" replaced me with some outdated software features on my PC.   

Real-time work: 24 hours 7 days a week on the principle of "installed and forgotten " - The program itself produces quality care for the computer, of course there is a possibility and manual mode of operation; Impeccable reliability and safety in operation;<Kerish Doctor> contains many unique technologies: the most advanced and intelligent algorithms of diagnostics, which are absent in many programs of such direction; Unlike them, <Kerish Doctor> will not remove anything "superfluous" and will not harm the system; Regular self-updating of the kernel and algorithms of error correction and cleaning; A full range of tools for working with Windows: a complete set of tools required for advanced users to work with the operating system-work with startup, installed software, system services, recovery points and other operations are available in a few clicks;<Kerish Doctor> also serves as an excellent helper for anti-virus and allows you to send suspicious files directly from its interface for verification; Both novice and experienced users can easily interact with the program; All these and many other special features make Kerish Doctor a great helper and a promising product in his class.  

But 2 months ago ended my license Sad and I hope to expect that luck will turn to me its face (or admin Mike once again make me a surprise-> Rolleyes http://www.promo2day.com/showthread.php?...336&page=2  In any case I wish all participants good luck!                                                         https://twitter.com/BorisLourya/status/9...5569376256
Final day of giveaway. Looks like All those who enter will get a 1 year license.

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