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amp professional pdf fingertips your able2extract conversion creation 12 ocr

Able2Extract Professional 12 with OCR: PDF Creation & Conversion at your Fingertips!
[Image: PiUVANh.png]


Portable Document Format (PDF) files is the most popular among most both home and business in view of its lightweight, support of most operating system and browsers. It offers you many advantages when dealing with any of your documents with increased productivity and better workflows. Being the best choice that help you in electronic document archives, PDF is the main part in achieving the concept of “paperless office”. IT is your first choice when archiving eBooks, spreadsheets, scanned files and many more. The only problem with PDF is that it is difficult to be edited. You need PDF Editor and converter to help you convert PDF files into other popular formats and edit it according to your needs
Able2Extract Professional 12 is the industry leading pdf converter that is tucked inside a friendly interface. There is no alternative to PDF conversion software when it comes to working with PDF files. It is a must-have tool in every business environment, because it simplifies and speeds up the process of manipulating data locked down in the most popular format for sharing and archiving documents.
Able2Extract Professional 12 allows users to convert PDF to all popular formats, including Excel, Word, CSV and AutoCAD. Edit PDF content, text, and paragraphs effortlessly in real time. Additionally, you can easily fill out PDF forms, edit and create fillable PDF forms. You can also insert bates numbering, add a blank page to PDF and extract PDF tables to Excel spreadsheets more accurately. Able2Extract is simply a PDF powerhouse at your fingertips. Converting, analyzing and reversioning PDFs has never been easier!

[Image: MJAZwSo.png]


System Requirements:

The program supports many platforms. here is the minimum system requirements for each system

[Image: HK2rC3n.png]



This is very easy and doesn’t need any skills. Simply double click on the installer and follow simple on screen steps till installation is complete. System restart will be needed to complete installation. You have 7 Day free trial to test all the features and functions of the program. The only limitation of the free trial is being able to convert up to three pages of a document. After the free trial is over, you need to purchase full licenses or subscription plans to continue using Able2Extract Professional

See the Video HERE:

User Interface:

[Image: 6Z2q3zE.png]

User interface is very friendly, easy to use and straightforward It allows both professional and amateur users to easily navigate its File menu and Command Toolbar options and perform all conversions and edit options. Multiple PDF documents can be opened, each in a separate tab


[Image: U47CVtT.png]



[Image: 2JONhhR.png]


[Image: h7If82s.png]


[Image: Nnk71BF.png]


[Image: JJrieWR.png]


[Image: NHHYeCi.png]


Able2Extract Pro 12 offers a lifetime license for $149.95. Although it is expensive but the price is more reasonable than some other subscription-based apps. All subscription options are available here:

[Image: R4AhCY9.png]



[Image: a8Ua5cZ.gif]

Able2Extract Professional 12 is an advanced PDF solution that gives you the most conversion options and content control over your PDF documents. Here’s more on what it can do:

PDF conversion: The PDF conversion algorithm can convert the most complex PDF content to Excel, Word, PowerPoint, AutoCAD, HTML, CSV and more. It is the only PDF converter that lets you selectively convert only the content you need.

[Image: WNyOWs9.png]

PDF to EXCEL: Able2Extract Professional 12 is known for its PDF to Excel conversion technology. Its Custom PDF to Excel conversion allows you to manually designate the column and row structure of your data. Preview your results first and get perfectly formatted Excel spreadsheets just the way you need them for analysis and calculations.

PDF TO WORD: critical PDF content can be converted into complete Word documents you can edit

PDF to POWERPOINT: you can transfer visual content and business presentations in the PDF format into editable PowerPoint slides with the option to edit and polish off your keynote content to have impressive presentation

PDF to PUBLISHER:  Able2Extract Professional 12 lets you unlock graphics and archived print material for easy content generation. You can reclaim, edit and interact with PDF content right within Microsoft Publisher.

PDF to CSV with configurable delimiters: you can directly export PDF to CSV (Comma Separated Values) and TSV (Tab Separated Values) formats. This eliminate the need to convert PDF to Excel as an intermediary step in data processing workflows. This is useful for IT professionals and data analysts.

PDF to AUTOCAD -  recover cad drawings; for professionals in the architectural, engineering, construction, and manufacturing industries. Convert PDF to DWG and DXF, while retaining vector graphics and text.

PDF to IMAGES - make pdf images useable: Useful for graphic designers. Supported formats include JPG, BMP, PNG, TIFF and GIF. You can apply image specific settings (for example; DPI, resolution, GIF animation speed, and more).

[Image: 8IeeMNf.png]

PDF TO OPEN SOURCE FORMATS ; for clients using an Open Source suite instead of Microsoft Office. For example; Open Office and Libre Office: Writer (ODT), Calc (ODS), and Impress (ODP).

Convert non-PDF data into Excel for analysis or get accurate table data extractions with the custom PDF to Excel feature. You can easily convert tables in MS Word, PowerPoint, XPS and more into Excel spreadsheets. This helps you to quickly retrieve data from external business document sources other than the PDF.

Scanned image pdf conversion (OCR):

The built-in OCR technology lets you easily convert both native and scanned PDF to editable formats. The program has an accurate data capturing technology and can correct any errors in the text with professional refined output version used for business intelligence analysis.

PDF Editing:

[Image: 1siBUKi.png]

Able2extract professional 12 offers powerful PDF manipulation features that make it easy to modify PDF documents. Many operations can be easily done; for example, splitting or merging PDF documents, insert bates numbering, advanced editing features, customize your text by font, color and size, and many more. You can switch the view of your document to edit or convert using file menu option or toolbar edit button

[Image: tUXREfc.png]

PDF Creation:

Able2Extract provides you with the ability to create PDF documents from any application using the virtual printer technology.

PDF Creation options:


[Image: xBz2NZY.png]


[Image: jRTeZmk.png]

Compression options:

[Image: UGapfPA.png]


[Image: E8OBu6p.png]

Fill in pdf forms:

Able2Extract lets you interact with fillable PDF forms and fill out PDF forms directly on your computer. Simply click on the PDF form fields to start entering information into text fields. You can save forms that are partially filled in or safely submit your data to the server.

[Image: oAe4b1P.png]

Create and edit pdf forms:

Able2Extract makes it easy for you to modify and create fillable forms that can be used by anyone. The built-in PDF Editor provides you with tools to add form fields for customizing and creating your own fillable PDF forms in a user-friendly interface.

Now let’s discuss the main uses and features of the program in details:

Easy PDF Creation:

You can easily create PDFs using one of three ways; via the File menu, Command Toolbar, or via any virtual print drive, without opening the software application.

Secure PDFs:

[Image: s5LB2uW.png]

You can secure any PDF file using password-protection and different file permissions according to your needs. This will limit the recipients’ options when dealing with your files and documents. For example; if you want to secure sharing files with third parties; you can choose to set up permissions for printing, copying, modifying, adding comments, allowing only low-quality printing, etc.  This feature is located in PDF Editing mode under the Edit menu

Editing Features:

The program allows you to do any changes to your PDF’s Document, for example you can edit file information, viewing Preferences, pages, and text. The process is very easy. Simply click on the Edit command and start doing any changes you need

Edit the document information: such as the title, author, subject and keywords. This feature is located in the File menu

[Image: dvy1LJy.png]

Viewing Preferences:

[Image: EfBrAYv.png]

This feature lets you change the display mode according to your preference. For example, you can view the file as a single page, two-page document, full screen, zoom at 100%, etc

Page Editing:

[Image: NJBgKnp.png]

[Image: s8IW7Im.png]

Many page editing options are available for users. For example; insert and extract PDF pages, deleting, moving, resizing, scaling and rotating pages. Additionally, you can split and merge PDF files easily, undo or redo the last page editing.

Text Editing:

[Image: Cuz51DU.png]

PDF text editing options are available in the from the side editing panel. Many operations can be easily done. For example; add or delete text, specify the font style and size and change the text color. When editing blocks of text, users can also adjust the alignment and line spacing. You can also personalize your PDF document for publication through adding bitmap images (JPG, BMP, PNG, TIFF, GIF) from the computer. In addition the program offers you 9 customizable vector shapes to visually boost content. Enhanced graphical text and vector shape editing tasks are also available for advanced users as logo designers

Search Function:

You can find any text or word using search function located under edit menu.

[Image: IscpNCs.png]  


[Image: UEoqXpW.png]

This feature is activated through the view menu. It allows users to create and insert annotations on their PDF. This makes it easy to interact, review and post replies to existing comments and annotations. For example, Sticky Notes, Links, Stamps, Highlights and many more


[Image: egA22dE.gif]

This built-in feature allows users to permanently delete sensitive information from PDF document. You can redact individual sections, lines and entire page content.

Insert Bates Numbering and Blank Pages:

[Image: qofxXxl.png]

[Image: oer9NEM.png]

Using Able2extract 12 Professional you can easily create and insert customized bates numbering for PDF index reference. Additionally, you can insert blank pages and specify its location and number

Enhanced PDF Editing

With Able2Extract Professional, users can perform detailed graphical text and vector shape editing tasks right within the application. They can choose from a variety of properties to refine the appearance of PDF page content objects such as logos, drop caps and page borders.

Filling, Editing, Creating PDF Forms

[Image: oY9JtIo.png]

Thanks to the built-in PDF form filler and advanced PDF Form Editor, the program supports PDF forms. You can complete digital PDF forms with no need to print.  Editing and creating PDF forms is very easy with the help of side panel options.

PDF Conversion Options:

[Image: LzJYBjj.png]

[Image: ejEWETr.png]

[Image: XSrMWWd.png]

Many formats are supported for conversion by the program. You will be able to convert PDF files into MS Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Publisher, OpenOffice (Calc, Write and Impress), HTML, AutoCAD (DWG and DXF), CSV and Image formats (JPG, GIF, PNG, BMP, TIFF). Some Conversions offer you a chance to customize files prior to conversion; for example PDF to Excel or PDF to Publisher
All conversions are smooth and accurate even the most difficult ones as scanned documents and EXCEL files.

[Image: nUJ4xHB.png]

[Image: h1oSGuU.png]

Convert Almost Any Format to Excel:

This is a very useful feature that allow non PDF conversion of many formats into EXCEL sheets. This is a part of the extraction process supported by the program. You will be able to easily transfer text and content from Word, PowerPoint and more into spreadsheets they can be analyzed. This feature is of great help to many users. In addition; custom PDF to Excel conversion option are also available for example; page range, columns, rows, tables. There are many conversion settings that can be accessed using the gear icon in the conversion dialog. These will further tweak the conversion process

[Image: beah418.png]

 OCR Technology:

[Image: qauS6uV.png]

This is done in the same as any native PDF conversion process. The process is very easy. Just add a scanned PDF file, the application will automatically detect it then you can convert it to the desired output format. The current update includes an advanced OCR technology with improved functionality. This helps convert even poorly scanned documents. You can also convert image-only PDF documents into a Searchable PDF.

Batch Conversion:

[Image: eUm15Ir.png]

This useful tool allows users to add many PDF files in the Batch conversion dialogue box then convert all files at the same time. This saves time and effort. The option is available through the file menu or command toolbar, only for native documents. All you have to do is to specify the location and output format. That’s all! 


You can watermark to your document to keep your authorship or privacy. The process is very easy. Simply Go to View then click PDF Annotations Panel and select watermark

[Image: sYwGkaL.png]


Able2Extract Professional 12 has all it takes to create and convert PDFs smoothly, and the latest version offers upgrades and improvements that make this product an ultimate solution to any business professional’s PDF conversion needs.
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