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Actual Window Manager Giveaway
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I would like to thank Actualtools Team for sponsoring this EXCLUSIVE Giveaway for Promo2day members

What is Actual Window Manager?

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Actual Window Manager is an innovative utility for organizing Windows desktop via extended window manipulation capability for more convenient and enjoyable work with your computer.

It is well known that the productivity of your work depends on the amount of time and effort needed to manipulate all the windows you need during work. If you want to increase your productivity then you need to try using Actual Window Manager

Actual Window Manager increases productivity of a working on your personal computer through decreasing the time waste for switching between windows of different documents. Additionally, it keeps a desktop in order, increases productivity of work with two or more monitors and makes work convenient and comfortable. 

Many of the routine window control operations you need on daily activities can be automated which will let you do the important work only. This increases your productivity

The program includes many productivity tools, which improve your ability to quickly, easily, and automatically manipulate the windows on your system and gain access to new control features. 

The feature rich and customized actions let you can easily control windows, monitors, virtual desktops, minimize any window to tray or to any edge of the desktop, create desktop mirrors of windows, applications, displays and close annoying windows automatically. You can also move windows between monitors for one click, maximize certain windows or minimize them on startup, save and restore any window's size, position, and much more.

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Components of Actual Window Manager?

Actual Window Manager includes all Actual Tools software. This offers you all features you need and saves your money

Actual Multiple Monitors gives you the best multi-monitor management.

Actual Virtual Desktops gives you an opportunity to use virtual desktops on all monitors.

Actual Title Buttons adds new Minimize to Tray, Stay on Top, Roll up, Move to Monitor, Maximize to Desktop, Set Priority, Make Transparent and other buttons to any window's title bar and context menu.

Actual Window Guard allows you to keep your workspace in optimal condition for efficient and comfortable work.

Now you are asking if this program is important for you? To answer this question, you need to first know who uses Actual Window Manager

With the recent powerful computers, you can easily use many simultaneous programs. For better control of your computer and to avoid needless and tedious manipulations, you will need Actual Window Manager. 
It increases work productivity in a considerable way according to confirmation by many researchers. Using the program, you can easily work with several monitors. 
Now, we can confirm that the audience of Actual Window Manager is large. For example; home users, online traders, various officers (lawyers, accountants, and many more) and IT professionals, such as system administrators, web designers, developers and others.


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System requirements:

The program is compatible with all windows versions from Windows XP to 10 (32 and 64 bit), 128Mb free RAM and 10.34 Mb free HDD

Release date:  March 3, 2018
Current version:  8.12

Free trial:      60 days

Price: 49.95 USD

Setup size: 10.55 Mb

Actual Window Manager Quick Setup Wizard.

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New Features (Changelog) 

Read the FULL REVIEW about the program

Online User Manual


Tips and Tricks:


Online Demos


We have 5 lifetime licenses (with 1 year of FREE Updates)

The giveaway will start 26 march 2018 and END April 16, 2018

Winners will be selected by Random.org

Winners will have TWO days to claim their license (Name and email required)


1. Reply below: Why you need to win a license? [Few sentences needed]

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Good Luck for ALL!
Thanks for the giveaway

I need a license because I am a power-user, so with this software I can do everything I need from a unique point, so I don't have to use dozens of Windows functions or several programs and Actual Windows Manager is the best solution to this. It has some advanced tools that improve the user experience for advanced power-users like me for example.

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My favorite features-
1.Actual Virtual Desktops gives you an opportunity to use virtual desktops on all monitors.
2.Actual Title Buttons adds new Minimize to Tray, Stay on Top, Roll up, Move to Monitor, Maximize to Desktop, Set Priority, Make Transparent and other buttons to any window's title bar and context menu.
3.The Desktop divider allows you to split the entire large desktop or each monitor into several non-intersecting areas (tiles). If you place a window into one of such tiles, the window will expand up to tile’s borders only. You can create as many custom tile layouts as you need and activate them on the fly, as circumstances require.
Actualwindow manager would increase my productivity by providing me the above mentioned helpful functions which are easy and fast to execute.

Thanks for the contest

I need to win this license because that will boost my Windows personalization to another level.
This company have awesome softwares.
My journey as a one man army on twiter will start soon;
This software will help me a LOT in management.
I would like to win a license because this program gives me the opportunity to get faster access to various personalized folders, drives etc.

It makes it very easy to use the computer.

thank you very much for giveaway. Heart Heart Heart
i would like to win since it Contains all other tool of Actual tool (9 software)
it improve productivity of me when i sit in frount pc
Thanks Tarek for the giveaway.

Why you need to win a license? [Few sentences needed]
In my current scenario, I use multiple softwares for works such as Multi-Monitor, Windows Rollup, Transparent Window, Windows Minimizer and Title Buttons. The set of Actual Tools will be of immense help to me to not only better manager my PC, work/private environment, but also increase my productivity. I can easily say that it is very useful and comes with features that best suits my needs. I hope that I emerge as a winner.

My share below

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I'm not actually familiar with Actual Window Manager.
It's my first time to try this software.
But I think will be a great of help to manage multiple active windows.
Thank for this great giveaway.

Why need to win a license?
Fully-functional taskbar for each display
Unlimited number of additional desktops
The divider allows you to split the entire large desktop or each monitor into several non-intersecting areas (tiles)
3 days remaining here

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