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DriverMax Review and Giveaway
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Website: https://www.drivermax.com

Application Preview

[Image: oWxfnE2.png]

From this main interface user will be presented with your system information and activity log. A quick scan can be initiated easily with the button located on the right site.

[Image: EmhYM0g.png]

On the second tab user can find your outdated driver list and download instruction to update it once the quick scan is completed. You can also choose which update to be done with the tick box to select and deselect.

[Image: pZAS7ci.png]

[Image: 3.png]

Download and installation progress bar when the update is initiated.

[Image: syoNoLH.png]

The backup tab allow you to perform a backup and undo the upgrade if there is any error or issue occur afterward and it can be done easily from the restore tab as shown below

[Image: eIaPTBg.png]

[Image: twq9rvs.png]

In the setting tab user can check their subscription status and also to tweak some setting within the apps such as language preference and etc.

Version Comparison

[Image: TPxEoJ8.png]
[Image: 2mNOWGe.png]


There are 2 different pricing plan which is subscription basis and another is lifetime perpetual license as can be seen below

[Image: M4rlBoi.png]

[Image: 2Q89JBJ.png]

Download their free version here: https://www.drivermax.com/download.htm


DriverMax had a very nicely detailed FAQ for common known issue and solutions.


User can contact their support anytime from their contact page: https://www.drivermax.com/contact/

Special thanks to Ms.Ane Mari Tache of Innovative Solutions which make this giveaway campaign possible. We were to offer a total of 20 x 1-year, 10 x 2-year and 1x lifetime license of DriverMax Pro for our site member!

Giveaway Details:

1. Giveaway Duration: 4 week

2. Number of Licenses: 31

3. Validity of Each License: 1 year, 2 year and Lifetime

4. Value of each License: $57.75 (1 year), $72.55 (2 year), $149 (Lifetime)

Giveaway Rules:

1. Comment why would you need the product and what feature you like about DriverMax Pro in a few sentence.

2. Share it on any social media network and share the link in the comment below.

3. Please follow/like DriverMax social network on Facebook // G+

4. Winner will be selected via random.org after 4 week from the giveaway started. Winner will need to reply to PM in order to claim your prize.

5. Multiple entry will lead to disqualification. Do not use VPN once detected same identity by the system your entry will considered void.

Good luck!
I need to update my obsolete driver and megusta drivermax because it does it automatically

Potrzebuję DriverMax Pro, ponieważ jest to najlepsza aplikacja do aktualizacji sterowników i chcę mieć rzeczywiste sterowniki. Lubię jedno kliknięcie, aby przywrócić sterownik w przypadku problemu

Thanks a lot for the giveaway. It is a very good app that helps to update, backup and restore any outdated, missing or faulty drivers. It is simple, easy to use and automated. It increases PC productivity and reduces system freezes and malfunctions, making for a better performance of your PC 

Here is my contribution:

I want to win a license so that I always keep my drivers updated

thank you very much for giveaway. Heart Heart Heart
it can help me keep my drivers updated
with it can backup driver with archive and or creating system restore point
then i can restore it with that two option in case something goes wrong
Very nice program. I cannot share this,because I have no account on social network platforms. May be it is not so important to win a key of drivermax software. It would be very nice if I am one of the winners. Thanks. Fan
My favorite features-
1) Automated updates
2) Latest drivers for more than 23 lac devices.
3) Virus scan for driver controllers.
Followed on both platforms
Thanks for the giveaway!!
I always rely on this kind of software especially if the laptop or desktop is too old and I cannot find the drivers online. It gives me a relief to find and install the drivers that is right on the components.

Thanks for the giveaway!

Done following the accounts.

Twitter Share
Thanks for the giveaway.
I need DriverMax to easily and quickly reinstall all Windows drivers,  that use them. 

My favorite features in DriverMax Pro:
- DriverMax collects information about installed drivers, their status and displays a list of devices.
- Provides information about the driver version, date of creation, the developer, the number of files and the presence of a digital signature.

Followed/like DriverMax social network on Facebook // G+ 


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