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[Game] Magic Chronicle + Giveaway
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Start your Fantasy Fairy Adventure in Magic Chronicle!

Magic Chronicle is a Free-to-Play ARPG in which you fight in fun, tactical battles alongside a party of your favorite heroes and save the world.

It is now available in the Google Play Store now: https://goo.gl/zGZsQ1
Subscribe YouTube to get more NEWS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MfZMnFIzNZc

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 ********* FEATURES***********

Easy but Powerful: Fight for a Simple and Engaging Duel!

Different from other ARPG action mobile games, "Magic Chronicle" owns the original advanced combat gameplay. With one hand, you can achieve all the game operation: tapping on the battle, sliding around, using EX skill. Play anywhere, anytime!

Over 100 Exquisite Heroes & Various Mounts

Dozens of well-made heroes and mounts keep your company! After evolving, their shapes will also change. Experience creative character designs, thrilling battle, brilliant hero skills and customized battle formations!

Various PVP&PVE Challenges with Endless Excitement!

Test your strength by challenging monsters from across the world. Engage in Quests, Challenges, and Missions to gain EXP and win rewards. There are many challenges, including, but not limited to Gold Rush, Monster Forest, Arena, Jewel Mining. Join events to obtain rare items. Whatever gameplay and events you choose, there will be endless moments of fun and excitement waiting for you!

Unleash the Power of Maids!

A variety of exquisite and unique maids for you to summon and collect! Lolita, hottie, sassy... Help them become stronger and prettier! Improve your maids by Training & Touring. The better they get, the greater their battle performance will be! Form your maid team and choose your paths!

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Are you ready to join thousands of other bases for fun adventure?

Enjoy the exhilarating battles and exquisite heroes that Magic Chronicle brings, right in the palm of your hand.

About Magic Chronicle: Facebook // Twitter // YouTube


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We had 150 Premium Pack code exclusive for Promo2Day member thanks to Mr.Goergina Lee of tapfuns Game. The Premium pack provide:

1. 200 x Gem
2. 2 x Energy potion
3. 100000 x Coins

Giveaway Detail:

1. No time limit. The code up to grab for anyone till stock last.
2. Quantity: 150 code
3. Value: $10 per Premium pack content

Interested user simply leave a message here and a code will be sent to you within 24 hour.
Thank you for the Giveaway  Smile 
Pls send me one.
(04-12-2018 , 06:55 PM)ImnotwiththeFBI Wrote: Thank you for the Giveaway  Smile 
Pls send me one.

Thanks for paying attention to Tapfuns game!More information for tapfuns just scan https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MfZMnFIzNZc
[/url] Promo2day will send you the key within 24 hour.Please wait patiently.

Best Regards
Goergina Lee│ tapfuns Game
Marketing Manager
Skype: lijingyi@tapfuns.com
Website: [url=http://www.tapfuns.com/]http://www.tapfuns.com
Thanks for the giveaway. Please send me one. Smile
Thank you! please send me a license for this game.
Thanks, Cool and Mr.[b]Georgina lee [/b]introducing this game to us. I hope shortly we see iOS versions of both games. Developers of the game code it differently, sure they're successful in creating Character in the game especially controls unique from others games.
All key had been sent sorry for the delay.
still have a code?
pm me, if have, i would to trying this game if still have a code  Big Grin

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