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[Game] Kingdom Defender + Giveaway
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Innovative and unique Tower-defending, strategy &card game

Kingdom defender is innovative and unique combination of Tower-defending, strategy and card game.

Defend your territory by recruiting the most powerful and loyal heroes to your troop and defeating the most evil intruders.

The Pre-register has came out : http://www.playkingdomdefenders.com/u/Promo2day

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********* FEATURES***********

Storyline Gameplay

What’s the prophecy of the High Priest? Did the old King sell out his kingdom to the Demons? All of the answer can be found as you defeat the enemies and unlock new chapters during your adventure.

Strategy-oriented Tower Defense

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More than 100 heroes, all with different attributes and skills, are ready to be summoned. Players need to make wise choice, including heroes on battle and enemies to attack, so as to claim victory for each fight. Note that every decision counts for your kingdom.

Rich Content

Corridor Leaderboard, Mirror Trial, Lost Palace, Guild, Arena and many more systems. Players can be offender as well as defender. Discovering new contents and fun all the time!

Recruit and Train Unique Troop

Your troop is the final safeguard of your kingdom and people. Different match of heroes will result in totally different outcome of the battle. Strive to owe the most powerful troop!

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Start your New Era in Kingdom Defender!!Ready to be your own hero in defending kingdom?Do not hesitate to join the war!

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About Kingdom Defenders: Facebook // Twitter // YouTube


We had 300 Premium Pack code exclusive for Promo2Day member thanks to Mr.Goergina Lee of tapfuns Game. The Premium pack provide:

1. 200 x Gem
2. 2 x Energy potion
3. 100000 x Coins

Giveaway Detail:

1. No time limit. The code up to grab for anyone till stock last.
2. Quantity: 300 code
3. Value: $10 per Premium pack content

Interested user simply leave a message here and a code will be sent to you within 24 hour.
Send me one please.
Angel Angel
(04-12-2018 , 06:57 PM)ImnotwiththeFBI Wrote: Send me one please.
Angel Angel

Thanks for paying attention to Tapfuns game!
Promo2day will send you the code within 24 hours,please wait patiently.

Best Regards
Goergina Lee│ tapfuns Game
Marketing Manager
Skype: lijingyi@tapfuns.com
Website: [/url][url=http://www.tapfuns.com/]http://www.tapfuns.com
please send me one of the licenses. Girl Flag
Thanks for the giveaway. Please send me one.  Smile
All key has been sent please send me a PM in case you had been left out.

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