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What do common HTTP Status Code errors stand for?
[Image: HTTP-Status-Code-errors.jpg]

Quote:HTTP is a simple communication protocol based on TCP/IP  and is the absolute substratum for data delivery on World Wide Web. Since many years, HTTP  is serving as a powerful protocol wherein bazillions of data is sent through HTTP between client and server.  Essentially HTTP is based on a client-server architecture where web browsers and search engines act like an HTTP client and Web server acts like a server. This request/response by clients and server are communicated over TCP/IP connection. The browser client initiates a request to a web server in the form of URL and web server responds back with requested resources along with HTTPS status codes that are present in the browsers’ HTTP header. In other words, the web server responds the request with success or error codes.

HTTP Status Code errors

HTTPS status code is a short note sent by the server that is displayed on the web page when the client initiates a request to the server. HTTPS status code is critical for websites owner or any developer as they play an important role in diagnosing the client/server side errors and resolving the configuration issues.In other words, HTTPS status code is a servers way of saying that something isn’t right. The status code element is a 3 digit number where the first digit of the status code specifies the classes of the responses. Within the class, a variety of server codes exists and is returned by the server. The last two digits of the HTTPS status code do not have any classification role. There are five standard classes for HTTP status codes which we are going to discuss in detail and discuss some HTTPS status codes that we may bump into on a regular basis.

HTTPS status codes are classified into 5 classes:

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