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pizza google

Google Pizza
-Domino's Pizza

-No, oh .. Google Pizza

- The number is wrong, I want Domino's Pizza
- The number is correct, Google bought Dominoes

- Congratulations, Google, can I ask for a pizza
- Sure, do you want your usual order

-and how do you know my usual order? You just bought it!
- Obviously we have, you ordered chicken pizza in the last 15 times for you

-Ok, I want chicken one
- What is your opinion on trying vegetable pizza, we have noticed that you suffer from cholesterol

- And how did you know this?
- The hospital you are dealing with is linked to Google.

- !!! I do not want vegetables and I want chicken, I use cholesterol medication!
- You stopped taking medicine, because you did not buy medicine a month ago, the pharmacy you deal with is tied with Google

- I bought the medicine from another pharmacy
- But no medication was purchased during the last month of your credit card

- Cash paid, from the Wal-Mart pharmacy
- According to our information, you did not deal with Wal-Mart during the previous month, Wal-Mart linked to Google

- I do not want pizza, I do not want Google, I do not want Facebook, I do not want Twitter ... I do not want to instagram ... I will go to a remote island and I will live there, there is no Internet and no spy on my privacy
- Oak, you can go to Geferton Island in Hurghada, because you were impressed by a photo of a friend of yours when he was on the island, in Facebook.
- I will travel to a special place and you will not know where

- Sure we will know through which airline you will travel on .... Do not forget to renew your passport, finished two weeks ago


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