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vpn review shield online mysteganos

tarekma7mySteganos Online Shield VPN Review
[Image: 1DxAVc2.png]

mySteganos Online Shield VPN offers you a completely new generation of VPN solution. You have your own private, anonymous connection to the Internet, encrypted with 256-bit AES, anywhere, at any time and on any operating system (Windows, macOS, Android and iOS). Newly integrated technologies, globally distributed high-performance servers and modern VPN protocols (OpenVPN and IKEv2) provide total security at high speed in any WIFI, LAN and wireless network. Virtual IP locations can be selected from an even bigger Steganos pool to circumvent country blocks and also reinforce privacy

This fully cross-platform VPN solution will let you enjoy absolute security, privacy and ad-free internet usage. As soon as you are online, your data is at risk. The program enables you to stay protected and surf the Internet anonymously on four operating systems, regardless of where you are. This keeps your passwords, emails, photos and chats protected.

If you are using your computer in public Wi-Fis, in the café, library or at the airport, no more need to worry about your privacy. Your business affairs remain secret and private affairs remain private. Browse safely and anonymously wherever you are.

[Image: VgTMHUd.png?1]

·      Multi-platform – also for the first time available for macOS
·      New Apps for iOS and Android
·      Protected VPN connection with no possibility of tracking
·      Free from country blocks
·      Modern VPN protocol (IKEv2 or OpenVPN)
·      New account system simplifies management of up to 5 devices on any platform
·      Updated, more intuitive user interface
·      Fast VPN connecting & disconnecting
·      Free trial version for 7 days
[Image: yIJJCdb.png]



Current version: 2.0.3

[Image: KlMjDVo.png]

System Requirements:

Microsoft Windows 10, 8 or 7, at least 1 GB RAM (32 & 64 Bit), 200MB Hard disk space, macOS 10.11, Android 4.0 or higher, iOS 10 or higher


After downloading the installer suitable for your device, simply double click and follow on-screen instructions till installation is complete. You will be prompted to install TAP windows provider v9 network adapter from openvpn to complete installation. The free trial is for 6 days with limits in data usage. It supports 5 devices similar to the premium license

[Image: 9QITc4d.png]

[Image: fbj8j4Y.png]

[Image: eLoiIvR.png]

[Image: YWXMxA9.png]

[Image: DqJgt8j.png]

Create account: After complete installation you will have to create an account or login to your account. If this your first time to create an account, a confirmation email will be send to you with a code that you will need to login

[Image: V2ji9bT.png]

[Image: wyjLM1N.png]

[Image: TQT0B4L.png]


[Image: UopB4F5.png]

Five devices with one license:

A newly integrated account system simplifies multiple device management on a licence for up to five devices. As ever, your user behaviour remains anonymous and cannot be traced.

[Image: 6Jo6ttT.png]

As a user of the original Online Shield VPN you can transfer your active Premium license to the new product generation mySteganos Online Shield VPN. After the transfer upgrade pricing of $29.95 per year is still available to you for license renewals. Simply, click on the menu button in the upper left of the application window and select “Manage license” then login or create new account. That’s all!

[Image: 1JNN9Dy.png]


[Image: 2Yhwa7o.png]

[Image: PoTqHaW.png]

After purchase you will receive a license key that can be activated online. You will have an account activated so that you can control the devices you need

User interface:

[Image: UK2Tfdg.png]

Upper menu:

[Image: bF5NyM0.png]

Why choose mySteganos Online Shield VPN?

[Image: 6RKMlCl.png]

How does a VPN work?

A VPN is a virtual private network in which your data is securely transferred. If you use VPN software, you will not connect directly to the Internet as usual.
First, you connect to the VPN provider in encrypted form, which in turn is forwarding you to the Internet. Your data will be anonymized:
Because your connection request is made via a server of the VPN provider (node), you will be assigned a new IP address. This protects your real IP address, which serves as a distinctive feature of your device - so your Internet request cannot be traced back. The virtual private network makes your computer invisible.
With mySteganos Online Shield VPN; your privacy is protected, your connection is encrypted, no matter from where you access the Internet.

[Image: DCCAUrP.png]


[Image: dnBhtD8.png]


Absolute security and Privacy:

[Image: NA6cGdN.png]

Worldwide protection in every Wi-Fi and mobile network
Free from regional content blocks and censorship
Safe from hackers and data espionage
Maximum anonymity - at home, in the office and mobile
Across platforms - now also available for macOS
Includes iOS and Android Apps

[Image: 7VDzd1w.png]

Encrypted and private Internet access

Use the Internet as it should be.
With mySteganos Online Shield VPN a new generation of our VPN solution is now available. Trust in IT-Security in Germany – no backdoors, no tracking and no surveillance. You can establish your private and anonymous connection to the Internet anywhere, anytime, encrypted with 256-bit AES and free of ads.

Browsing anonymously and limitlessly

Hide your identity and get access to blocked content.
With mySteganos Online Shield VPN you choose your virtual IP location from the large Steganos pool. Use high-speed servers across the globe to bypass country blocks and to strengthen your privacy.

Safe from hackers worldwide

Surf safely and anonymously in public Wi-Fi hotspots.
Whether passwords, emails, photos, payment or bank data - mySteganos Online Shield VPN protects your private and business data from hacking and snooping. Even outside your own four walls, for example at the airport, in a café or hotel - with mySteganos Online Shield VPN you can use public Wi-Fi hotspots safely and anonymously.

What is NEW?

Across platforms - now also available for macOS
Access to numerous secure high-speed servers worldwide
Modern VPN protocol (IKEv2 or OpenVPN)
Easy to use across devices: The mySteganos Online Shield VPN account system simplifies the management of your license on up to 5 devices. Your user behavior remains anonymous and cannot be tracked.
Stronger than ever. As easy as always.

[Image: ggFYzgy.png]

Please visit here for full list of changes:

[Image: 8R1sU9x.png]

Here is the uses, benefits and features you will have using the app:

Protect connection

This is especially important when using public hotspots. Your connection will be encrypted so nobody can intercept and snoop into your data. This feature replaces your IP address with an anonymous Steganos IP address. This will anonymize your internet identity while browsing the web. You can also unlock many geo restricted content depending on your country (e.g. YouTube videos)

Block ads

This feature allows you to block any advertisement efficiently. This feature supports all browsers

Prevent tracking

This feature prevents tracking your browsing habits by social media (like Facebook or Twitter), known trackers and analytics tools.

Automatically erase cookies:

This feature will delete all of your cookies whenever you close your browser(s). This helps to prevent tracking your browsing history/habits. Currently supported browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Edge.

Anonymize browser type:

While browsing, browsers can transfer certain information about your configuration to the used website through the so-called user agent. This includes information about your browser version and operating system and can be used to track your browsing behavior.
When this option is activated, Online Shield uses a local proxy server to replace your actual user agent with the most popular one in order to make it harder to track your browsing habits.

[Image: TE7QtbL.png]


The program has many improvements with more servers available, support of all device platforms, better speed and good ad-block feature. IP address was changed with successful anonymity and many sites were unblocked

Program settings:

These are accessible through the upper menu

[Image: DgwLmPS.png]

See this video:


Many new servers added
Good speed
Free trial offered
Cross Devices Support: Microsoft Windows, iPhone, MacOs,  iPad and Android devices.
Good privacy and security



More options for subscription needs to be added
More locations and settings or options are needed


mySteganos Online Shield VPN is a new VPN solution that will offer you many features you need from VPN software. You will enjoy privacy, safety and ad-free internet. Users can stay protected and surf the Internet anonymously on four operating systems, regardless of where they are.You will have the internet as you want it
Very good review of new series mySteganos vpn. Thanks for the great work.
thanks for very well detailed review Heart
Thank you for awesome review. Heart
I have tested this VPN, the internet crawls so I had to uninstall it earlier.
It may have improved now.
This was not so stable for me on my pc last year. Then they reduced my allowance to 500mb.
Hope the newer version software is better.

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