independence giveaway day 2018

2018 Independence Day Giveaway
Thanks for the giveaway.  Smile

I like Kerish Doctor very much, can I have a key ? It is safe for my use and won't remove any valid registry keys, unlike some other software with a registry cleaner.
I like kerish doctor for the ability to quickly and easily optimize my device.  Thumb  Real-time Failure Detection System - Check the registry and Windows components for typical errors (incorrect settings) and fix the found
Intelligent PC Clean - cleaning up the hard drive of unnecessary files, taking into account the date of each file change
Get recommendations for improving your computer
Tweaking Windows
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I love Keris Doctor! This is the best optimization program I've ever seen. I have been using it for many years. I will be happy if I get a license. Thanks!  Smile

Kerish is better than the CCleaner. Using it on two systems.


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However, I could not find a way to insert the image. 

Love to receive a code

Thanks for the action!
Best program to clean your PC from bugs, debris, etc.-Recommend to everyone!
Thank you Mike & Kerish Corp for this great giveaway for the perfect brilliant occasion.

Kerish Doc is the best optimizer for windows systems I have ever used. Just putting it to auto clean mode makes my pc clean regularly without hassle & keep my system speed up smoothly running. Kerish Doc has many features, like disk cleaning, Real time failure detection, a graph showing CPU, disk temperatures measurements, Game booster, malware & harmful objects repealing ability. Auto maintenance keeps me tension free from regular manual cleaning.

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Features of the program that I really like:

* Monitors the system non-stop

* Cleans the computer from junk files

* Speeds up Windows

* Protects against pests and removes security gaps

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Hello to all the residents Promo2day planet! I was a little lost in its territory Blush . But over time, I think, will understand the hierarchy of the branch structure of the forum. So, what can I say today: it is, of course, a great action for current program. What I like about Kerish Doctor:
* Prevent Windows crashes
* System error correction
• Temperature control
• Eliminating the vulnerabilities of the Internet connection
• Cleaning the digital "trash"
* Remove the outdated application cache
• Cleaning invalid sections and shortcuts
* Game application acceleration
* Optimize Windows settings
• Speed optimization
* Protection against malware
* Windows startup control and many other useful features.                                                                                       P.S.: I am glad to joined your community and I hope to take part in it as much as possible. I would refuse to install antivirus and other PC optimization programs if I won this promotion. I wish the rest of the participants good luck! And, of course, my congratulations to all us citizens on their national holiday!                                                          [Image: Wc1PBRz.jpg]                                                                  
All those who entered the giveaway are winners. Send Mike a request for your win and I will send you a license tomorrow when I get back in town.
(07-05-2018 , 10:12 PM)Mike Wrote: All those who entered the giveaway are winners. Send Mike a request for your win and I will send you a license tomorrow when I get back in town.

Please send me a key!

Thank you Mike!

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