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Adguard Review and Giveaway
Thanks for the Giveaway!
Adguard premium is the World's most advanced ad blocker to get rid of annoying ads, banners, online tracking and a parental control tool. It protects your    computer from phishing, malwares and hazardious websites. The program can even block third-party cookies and protect your personal data. With all these best features provided by Adguard premium, I am eager to get this license.

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Adguard is the most popular and reliable ad blocker in the market. It protects the user against all kinds of threats which are of concern for a surfer like malware filled websites, ads, anti-privacy things like tracking etc.  I also like the following feature-
Adguard Assistant Capabilities:
• Easy access to the main functions of the program directly in the browser
• Assistant icon appears in the corner of the page and doesn’t interfere with use of the website

I would love to win, cause my license is about to expire. Thanks

Thanks for the giveaway
I would like to win because of best of its great performance.

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3 days remining here
Thanks for the giveaway.
many ads can be blocked because of their intuitive behavior.
I use Spotify for free, even blocking it on windows.
I like ADGUARD much more than the rest of adblockers, because it can apply filters anticipatedly on any desired executable and it has antisteal functions very well achieved, I have had many problems with ublock origin when i launch the browsers "chrome and firefox" because ublockorigin is not blocking advertising anticipatedly due to policy in the App plattform. 
when I launch those browsers + ublockorigin, I have to reload these pages two times to apply their changes, since ublockorigin can not control the browser, it is totally backwards, with adguard I do not have these problems, Adguard can controlling certificates, can add proxy and dns to surf safe.

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Giveaway close. Winners will be announced within 72 hours
Congratulations to the winners 

[Image: vQl3Kl7.png]

Please PM me within 2 days to claim your license
Congrats to the lucky ones and thanks for the giveaway @ tarekma7Thumb

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